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Sportive Efforts of the Company

As a way to increase morale, company sporting events such as bowling are being added to a list of offsite activities. These efforts should not go overlooked, as they encourage teamwork and the ability to get along increases over time. Community service looks great as does fundraising for a charity. But is it possible to get everyone involved so that the business can follow through on a charitable event? One way to get a response for an activity is to schedule a sporting event for the team of workers. In this way not only will there be a positive response in terms of high attendance, but this could work wonders for the image of the company. Read the rest of this entry »

Maximising Team Productivity

Still today many employers operate on the ethos of getting every second of work from workers, thereby flogging workers into the ground. Everything from low pay to non- existent tea breaks and skipped or minimal lunch breaks. This can be the thin end of the wedge in maximizing “work” time and apparent cash flow, while not addressing productivity. More time put in (with minimal terms and conditions), is a simple minded approach to getting the most from a team. Read the rest of this entry »

Great weight loss tips

Losing weight and keeping it off could be a very difficult process; nevertheless, with proper measures in place, weight loss can become a worry of the past for practically anyone. So what makes the process so hard to achieve? The answer to that is very simple: a lack of discipline and consistency. Like any other achievable goal, losing weight requires careful attention and monitoring of our daily habits and lifestyle. The following tips can make a significant difference in the fight against weight gain: Read the rest of this entry »

Business and Charity

Years of profits and good deals can bring prosperity many times over. Putting money in the right places can obviously grow wealth. And giving some of it back can help the less fortunate. With every dollar made it should be a trend to place some of it in the hands of those not as well off. This is where charities come into play; with charity it's possible for others to enjoy the spoils of a good investment. Read the rest of this entry »

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