Office Party

Office PartyFor a few hours there will be an event to remember. It's the party that's been planned for some time and finally that day is now. For this gathering the instructions were to bring a dish and a beverage. The buffet at this party showcases casseroles, salads, and rich desserts. For all in attendance it pays to not have eaten anything thus far because the food currently available will be filling and appetizing. The office party as described has certain rules and if these rules are followed then life may get easier on the job. Read the rest of this entry »

Up-sell versus Down-sell?

Query over good customer service
The business method of offering extra goods and services on top of what has already been sold, has become a common business practice. With a smile and please and thank you to “up-sell” can appear as good customer service, on top of increasing sales and profits. From asking a customer if they would like another coffee, when the customer has drank their last cup can appear like the staff care. To a bank offering related services to a customer for a loan for instance, shows the comprehensive financial packages available. To online business showing trending products that relate to that particular customer gives the illusion of personal service on-line. Read the rest of this entry »

The Green Points Relevance Now

Ethical business bonuses for Green policies
“Der Grune Punkt” as the Germans put it, otherwise known as “The Green Point”, has being a growing aspect of business operation over the past two decades or so. For a business to strongly and openly promote environmental sensitive products or services, does set a marketing agenda. The growth of ‘Green’ business varies a lot but still has some way to go, particularly in developing countries. Read the rest of this entry »

Staff Work Ethic Problems? Tissues and Issues

Professionalism : Ideas to iron out
A key factor in developing a strong staff work ethic and professionalism is top down. That is to say to ‘lead by example’. It’s an old adage - but not at all to be overlooked. From the C.E.O. to managers, to line managers - their attitude has a cascade effect. By supervisory staff being seen to go the extra-mile, to be hard working, take pride in their tasks and the tasks of employees yields an ethos. This certainly can have reverse effect if management are lacking in these attributes. Shop floor staff like supervisors clearly getting closely involved in team working, in even menial roles, helps the ethic of the organization. For a team to see supervisors sitting, idly chatting and drinking coffee really can have real repercussions on staff. Professionalism is a team endeavor. Read the rest of this entry »


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