Staff Building Method

Staff growth: Home-made staff
Personal Development Plans are a fantastic training and development method. With one of these plans in place for each member of staff, up to and including senior staff, many benefits can emerge and blossom. It is a holistic way to get to know staff in their skill set. It identifies training needs, gaps and strengths in performance, weaknesses and methods to engage theses areas. Feedback from staff to management is two way, it can clarify disputes by nipping them in the early stages. Read the rest of this entry »

Foreign markets: Integration

Beware Cultural Business differences
Foreign markets: IntegrationIn business it can often be that the case of trying to transpose the same business model to other subcultures or cultures. This can lead minor or multimillion losses. It can be a case of arrogance or simply an oversight on behalf of the business in question. As the world becomes more a global village, particularly with the exponential rise of information technology, cultures are increasingly merging. However significant differences can prove to be seriously problematic, even disastrous for business. Parochial business plans simply don’t translate in some circumstances. Even within regions of the same country. Read the rest of this entry »

Diverse Marketing for a Diverse Public

Reaching out to today's audience and gaining more customers takes more effort if you're not used to the current social climate. There's a vast amount of migration to go along with the rampant poverty and warfare in the world. These are just part of life and living. It would stand out if a company could reach out to the underserved including the economically disadvantaged as well as women and minorities. Read the rest of this entry »

Better Business Ideas

Better Business IdeasMany have attempted to grow a business and failed in their endeavors. Whether the business is housekeeping, landscaping, or some internet based activity there is always the chance for failure. But reality aside, what if it were possible to dream up an idea that would sell into the billions for something that took relatively nothing to create? If the position of acting as the sole proprietor of a business is not enough to push you into entering the field, then try the concept of the business idea. Read the rest of this entry »


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