Integrity in Business

Choosing to do deals with business partners can involve a good deal of stress because there are ample ways and opportunities to create and cover up fraud. The best policy is not to practice deceit in the field and to report any corrupt behavior. When there is a business partner, whether there is trust or not, it's wise to constantly review deals and settlements. The reason for this is to encourage both honesty and integrity. Read the rest of this entry »

Facing a Promotion? Do This

At last, it's time for career advancement and the puzzle is finally near completion. The focus has been on the job at hand and the tasks involved in getting a good job done while contributing to other projects along the way. It's a tiring journey, but the end of this leg is near because company promotions are about to be announced. Facing a PromotionAt this time it's not a good idea to start slacking or creating company strife. When there is work to do remember to perform on a high level and accept directives as well as offer them. To remain ahead it's essential to get the relaxation spell nulled, as arriving at this point did not entail such behavior. Keep working hard and accept the fact that the hard work must continue on even after the promotion is secured. Read the rest of this entry »

Embracing Debt: The Cost of Student Loans

Enrolling in college today requires a good deal of smarts, that is, economic smarts. Interest rates on loans have gone through the roof which means that there will be more and more students not able to enroll. This may be inefficient because there is not going to be a decrease in the cost of college tuition either. Embracing DebtPaying requires more when enrolling in college because the student loan will draw down interest that has to be paid. It's supposed to be an investment, but the reverse is true. And what makes the situation worse is the fact that there is no guarantee that there will be a job waiting upon graduation; at least not a top earning position in store. And then there's the gender gap when it comes to wages. This is something to think about given the economy for home ownership as well as retirement funds. Read the rest of this entry »

Business and Charity

Years of profits and good deals can bring prosperity many times over. Putting money in the right places can obviously grow wealth. And giving some of it back can help the less fortunate. With every dollar made it should be a trend to place some of it in the hands of those not as well off. This is where charities come into play; with charity it's possible for others to enjoy the spoils of a good investment. Read the rest of this entry »


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