Money for 401K, IRA

Savings add up over time when invested properly. The middle class and even members of the poorer class have found a way to save for retirement. Having money for anything that arises in life is necessary for survival. Today the options for retirement and pension include (but not limited to) 401K and the IRA. Without delving into what each one does it is still easy to surmise that they come in handy for the twilight years. Read the rest of this entry »

Office Personalities and How the Organization is Shaped

The differences between personality types have been analyzed and published for anyone to study and master. But when it's time to apply this knowledge to the business world the reaction, though not quite horrific, is still measured by gasps. How many times have people clashed and then become friends after the melee. It happens frequently and the reason behind these blow ups between co-workers is due to the varied personas. Read the rest of this entry »

Word of Mouth Advertising

There are a number of businesses that grew due to the sharing of stories about products. These conversations lead to unknown products becoming big deals relatively overnight. Word of mouth advertising entails exchanges about a product or service. It works for nearly anything sellable. When it's time to grow a business keep the reputation pristine and people will not fail to share experiences with a good brand. Read the rest of this entry »

Obtaining Office Supplies

Examining the contents of an office supply cabinet has yielded nothing worthwhile. Trying another storage space produced similar results. The next step is to order more supplies for the office before the situation gets worse. Before calling the order in or sending yet another memo it's imperative to have some idea of the options available. Obtaining Office SuppliesFor one, completing an inventory of what's needed will help in the struggle of determining the necessary items. Writing staples, paper, and ink is all too common in an office setting since these are often commodities in the discussion of office necessities. Other items such as corrective fluid are of importance and bring up the rear to an already growing list. In an office it is possible to run out of working pens. This may very well be the most unusual situation, but it can happen. Read the rest of this entry »


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