To promote environmental protection

In recent years, the flooring industry's ever-changing impermanence. "Quality gates" and lack of business integrity problems caused extreme panic of consumers, but also to the already depressed market economy worse. Cohabitation of the market, consumers are worried, worried, step by step startling. In the purchase, how to overcome all difficulties, the selection of green flooring products become the common concerns of the majority of consumers. Read the rest of this entry »

Although the floor enterprise product

The flooring industry pointed out that the current flooring industry, there is no any product completely clear mimic the behavior of this industry. Flooring industry several epoch-making product, without exception, the business people crazy counterfeiting. The flooring industry imitate become more and more rampant: original product within two weeks, imitate the products have been in the hall of others, so that consumers can not tell which is counterfeit, Which is the original, which makes the original enterprise injured. In addition to the original product, the most terrible is that product prices, product reputation, product sales, and many other factors all be plagiarism counterfeit products, resulting in the original enterprises not only deprived of return, but also for others in huge profits . Read the rest of this entry »

From fast warm excellent warm home market

In the afternoon of March 30, 2013, soon warm excellent warm home smart heating floor conference 2013 brand strategy from Zhejiang and major mainstream media, industry partners and Zhejiang Huanglong Road No. 9 Jiahai Hotel Customs lecture hall, a grand meeting 500 dealers and more people are invited to attend. The conference is sponsored by the new trend. Fast warm excellent the warm home Hangzhou brand strategy conference a grand meeting, will lead the heating industry into the era of fast warm also marks the the excellent warm house brand built chain terminal cover most of the country more step further, understand, Zhejiang points The company is the fourth direct branches the Shanghai new trend in the country established excellent warm home brand this year will be laid out in the capital city of the country's 15 science and technology of the 20 standard heating museum experience. At the meeting, the new trend CEO Liu Dong corporate brand development history of introduction, and fast warm excellent warm home intelligent heating floor to warm the first national brand in the development of the strategic plan of Zhejiang detailed planning. That The excellent warm home to become the first brand of the heating industry, to achieve this goal, the company must continue to pursue innovation, science and technology leader, to develop better products to meet customer demand; same time, the company needs to develop more partners promote the popularity of the first to experience the buy mode, so that more people feel the magic fast to warm excellent warm home heating effect. Read the rest of this entry »

The test period FPI30 Index forest

China Forest Products indicators mechanism recently released in February this year, 30 the excellent Forest Products indicators enterprises the index (FPI30) and Chinese flooring industry index test data show that the advantage forest products company in China continues momentum contraction in January. Expert analysis, February Chinese traditional Spring Festival holiday, the corporate annual production of the shortest month, although the underlying index continuous chain down, but still belongs to the normal seasonal fluctuations. Read the rest of this entry »


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