Corporate Failures

corporate failuresNot every best guess, decision, or practice is good enough to secure profits for an upstanding and well known firm. There are massive entities that have failed due to mistakes and, more often, bad decisions stemming from criminal activity in some form or another. Corporate greed does little for the company's reputation. It only reinforces the fact of corruption in the business world. This is seen best by the reality of deception and thievery in its many forms. Read the rest of this entry »

Hiring Women in the Workforce

Based on evaluations and studies done by the government, it has been concluded that women should be considered and hired for positions that were once reserved for men. The world has age old practices that entitle men and leave women to positions existing in the home. There have recently been significant strides where women are increasing their numbers in the professions, but this still leaves more to be desired. Read the rest of this entry »

Acquiring New Companies

Acquiring new companiesAfter business has exploded for your firm the next logical step is to expand. This is achieved by buying other companies. Through mergers and complete take overs, the speed at which an organization can grow is exponential. By acquiring other brands and assuming their role in the business world, it pays off when the value of the company increases. This will happen with proper planning and instituting new and better programs. Again, the goal is to make more money and, over time, the new companies will add to the existing bank roll. Read the rest of this entry »

Indentured Servitude

Indentured servitudeWork. It's a daily routine from which you can't get from under. It's a sequence of tasks performed for a board or supervisor who will hardly pay you what you're worth. This is the mundane as it has become known to you. Of course, direct out of university it was something highly wanted, as it guaranteed that new car and new home. Work was a meal ticket, but the challenge has gone and you're looking for something else to do to spend your hours each day. Read the rest of this entry »


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