On the Job Competition

On the job competitionThe workload can be tough and competition is fierce. There are many who can do the job better and for lower wages. This is why you'll have to bring your 'A' game to every job duty every day. Yes, you can be replaced and the others employed at the same facility know that they can as well. There is a pattern to one up the last persons’ comment or presentation. The rule of the unwritten playbook is to do better than what comes before in order to score more points with the boss and peers. In this way there is no chance that you'll lose your job to a replacement that has less experience. Read the rest of this entry »

Are Pranks at Work Practical?

Work pranksThe boss has passed out literature letting you know the meaning of horsing around, getting along, and making a safe environment. But for some reason, there are still questions as to what the standard of behavior should be. And some people have taken bullying to a whole other level. The questions that needs to be asked lies along the lines of their contribution to a poorer than usual work environment. Read the rest of this entry »

Online Businesses and Their Longevity

online businessEveryone wants to market a product and make a killing from the sale of the product as has been done many times over thus building an empire. In this society, the goal is to do this online like Amazon or Wal-Mart. These companies have taken shopping to another experience and have reaped the rewards for their efforts in offering a diverse yet thorough product line. Their products, offered online, are easy to access and are generally top of the line for the price. Read the rest of this entry »

Media Empires

media empiresCommunicating in the world is easy because there are multiple means through which this can happen. Talking, sign creation, and even grunting are forms of communicating that we use throughout our day. Only now, in recent times, can a conversation occur across airwaves connecting one nation with another. With personal gadgets and devices of similar kind it's possible to make non-physical encounters last for hours. With technology, empires have truly grown out of garages to the point of worldwide use. Read the rest of this entry »


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