Industry Advancements across the Board

industry advancementsOver time technologies change to enhance the availability of a product or service. Industries conform to society in much the same way people conform to industry. Through the examination of various areas of industry it becomes easy to ascertain the patterns as they have existed through the ages. Since this, the current society, is not the first of its kind there are some things that can be predicted for and are not surprises. Read the rest of this entry »

Standardized Tests and Business Schools

testsHaving made the decision to attend a business school in your city you find that you have to achieve a certain score first. This set score bracket is set by the institution to which you are applying. And in your case, the score on the standardized exam has to be better than average. Taking the GMAT and scoring well is the way into the MBA program that suits your schedule. Once you learn your score you should grow in confidence and be prepared for an academically stimulating environment at your school. Read the rest of this entry »

Aspiring to be a Programmer

programmerLearning computer languages comes naturally to you and for good reason since you want to program for a living. Most people don't want to engage in the art of learning these languages, but you have a capacity to learn them and, taking it a step further, create one of your own. C++, COBOL, and others are not unfamiliar to you and, in fact, you get joy when these are presented to you. This is the right mindset to have in a case where you're in control of the PC's brain and communicating tool. Read the rest of this entry »

What Happens to Monopolies?

monopoliesWhen your firm is the most massive entity in the field there is reason to believe that competition is lacking. The argument is that with competition comes affordability through better prices. This is what we saw when Microsoft was attacked over a decade ago. This is also what we saw when Standard Oil was attacked using much the same method. These titans of industry were history makers and considered exceptional because they grew to mammoth proportions quickly. Read the rest of this entry »


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