Elite Universities and Admissions

universitiesMaking plans for receiving a quality education takes much effort because of the competitive nature of the other applicants. The applicant pool is most severe and quite venomous when it comes to expectations and accomplishments. But you've decided that you are worth the time of consideration by an admissions committee at one of the nations' elite institutions. What this entails is an attempt to gain acceptance to a prestigious center for learning. This wouldn't be possible without the confidence, requisite scores and grades, and top notch recommendations. Read the rest of this entry »

JD Rockefeller and the Rich of Today

JD RockefellerThe original JD Rockefeller is not an unknown to people in industry, to students of American and business history, and to those who are looking to acquire vast sums for their own benefit. This mastermind behind Standard Oil pioneered industry expectations and set records for only the best to surpass. Getting rich is something that is most admirable, but for most it's not easy. There are scores of people who would like to lead the pack in money gained and still others who would rather exist as simply comfortable. Read the rest of this entry »

The Pattern of Success

successPeople may wonder why and how you've made such a far climb in so little time given that the workforce is highly qualified and it's a competitive environment. There are, in fact, certain behavior patterns associated with not only getting the job done, but also experiencing advancements along the way. Fortunately, you've noted these practices and your work lifestyle is similar to a winner's habits. Read the rest of this entry »

Commanding a Certain Salary

salaryThe job is yours and you've been working it for some time. Eleven years have gone by and you've received compensation as well as promotions, but you want more. For reasons that seem obvious you request a raise. But this does not work immediately so the next step is to make alternate plans by looking for other employment. Finally, a new job has been secured and your demands are met when you first start the job. To command the six-figure salary that your work qualifies, your continued objective is to get the job done with speed and skill. Read the rest of this entry »


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