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Cengage Advantage Books: Business Law Today: The Essentials

Product Description
This book is a briefer paperback version of the widely-adopted Miller/Jentz BUSINESS LAW TODAY: THE STANDARD EDITION. THE ESSENTIALS offers the very same traits that have made that book so successful edition after edition - fundamentally that it provides the legal credibility and authoritativeness of a traditional business law book, while also offering the visual appeal and student friendly features students are used to seeing in books for many of their other cours... More >> Read the rest of this entry »

Taking Advantage of Email Marketing

It is estimated that almost all Internet users have one or two email accounts being maintained and regularly visited. Moreover, almost all types of both formal and informal communications are now conveyed through email services. Reading and sending emails is typically one of the most common online transactions done by Internet users. Everyday, people get online to get and reply to emails.

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The Advantage Of Business Email Marketing

An Email marketing campaign can create a buzz of interest, while turning a prospect into a solid customer. This is accomplished by building steady and reliable relationships through your business Email marketing campaigns. Transmitting electronic business Emails saves money on postage and time, while reaching your target in just minutes.

Build Relationships and Create at Personal Contact
When you deliver valuable and useful information right to your client's inbox, you have started to build a relationship of interest and trust. Keep the content fresh, useful, informative, accurate, and compelling. Know your client's needs. The more relevant the content is, the greater their response and interest will be. That is why you should know your clients' business. Having tips for their industry reaches out to them in a more personal way and separates you from the spammers. Great pertinent content delivers and reaps interest with strong results.

Business Email Marketing - Getting Maximum Results
1. Studies have shown not to send Business Email Marketing communications on Monday or Friday. Most people do not appreciate Email communications when they are starting or finishing their work week. The start of the week can be very stressful, while at the end of the week, they are in a more relaxed state of mind. Therefore, for a good outcome, send your communications in the middle of the week.

2. Do not overwhelm your customers with information overload. You can become of source of annoyance, finding your business Email marketing communications cancelled or spammed.

3. Your subject line should be catchy and should accurately represent the contents of your communication.

4. Long communications are boring and normally not appreciated. State your message in a short, concise method. You can always hyperlink your information to a lengthier article on your website, if necessary.

Email Newsletter Campaigns
An Email newsletter can contain anything you want your clients, customers or prospects to know about. From product offers, specials, beta development, and reviews, you are creating interest while sharing valuable information about your product, service or company.

Bulk Email Marketing
Bulk Email marketing enables you to communicate to thousands of consumers quickly and efficiently. Bulk Email marketing is considered one of the most affordable and effective marketing methods in today's technical world. Bulk Email marketing gives you the control along with the capacity to manage large mailing lists while targeting multiple subscriber databases. It lets you set apart and isolate your client and prospects according to their interests and needs with personalized, targeted content.

Business Email Marketing – Improve with Trackable Results
Using Trackable Email campaign results, tells you what's working and what's not. This advantage allows you to adapt your marketing efforts reaping better and more specific results for your products and services.
In today's marketplace, business Email marketing has risen to be the most cost effective marketing tool for any economic climate.

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The House Advantage: Playing the Odds to Win Big In Business

Product Description
As part of the notorious MIT Team depicted in Ben Mezrich’s now classic Bringing Down the House, Jeff Ma used math and statistics to master the game of blackjack and reap handsome rewards at casinos. Years later, Ma has inspired not only a bestselling novel and hit movie, but has also started three different companies—the latest of which, Citizen Sports, is an innovative marriage of sports, betting, and digital technology—and launched a successful corporate spea... More >> The House Advantage: Playing the Odds to Win Big In Business
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