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Home Business Advertising – The Millionaires Strategy

There are many low cost marketing strategies you can use to advertise your home business. The main one which has generated millions of dollars for the top producers in the home business industry is going to be revealed. So read carefully.

The home business industry is booming and making the top producers millions of dollars annually because of this main one marketing strategy that is low cost and can get you any amount of traffic you desire for an affordable cost that will fit into your budget.

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Online Business Advertising – Result Getting Secrets Exposed!

Online Business Advertising - Result Getting Secrets Exposed!

So you need to promote your online business and get results? In this article you will find ways to advertise online as well as the strategies you need to make it work. The most important thing you need to do is....

….Make sure that you test everything !

Everything measured improves, you can't afford to waste your marketing budget on things that are not performing so remember with all of these methods, Test, Test, Test!

Some Of The Things You Need To Test:

Your Landing Page Headline

Different Traffic Sources

Your Price

Your Guarantee

Your Call To Action

Your Offer

Next Your Need Some Reliable Traffic Sources To Test:

Free Methods

Web 2.0 Sites

There are many of these starting to appear all around the web and some of them are starting to rank very well in the search engines which means you can get free traffic from them:


Article Marketing

These are a very good way to get traffic by providing quality articles relevant to your website, you can get a steady stream of highly qualified prospects visiting your website. The top 3 that you can post to are:

Video Marketing

These sites do indeed get a lot of traffic and have the potential to go viral, if you can make an interesting and compelling video to presell the visitor on going to your website, you can syndicate these videos across all the majors video sites such as:


2) VideoEgg

3) Dailymotion

4) YouTube

5) Veoh

6) Google Video

7) Grouper

8) Jumpcut

9) AOL

10) Eyespot

Paid Methods

Pay Per Click

All the major search engines allow you to bid on search keywords and have you ad appear along site the search engine results, you need to make sure you setup there conversion tracking so that you can test each keyword for its ROI (return on investment) the three major search engines pay per click programs are:

Google Adwords



Pay Per View

These company's charge you per view rather than per click and have distributed pop up ads bidding normally starts at as low as $0.015 cents a view, here are the top three networks you can look into:

Media Traffic

Traffic Vance


Banner Advertising

You can inquire at individual sites that are relevant or complimentary to yours about putting up a banner ad, if the targeting is chosen well and the price is right this can still be a very profitable method of advertising.

eZine Advertising

Placing adverts in online email newsletters can be a good way to get massive traffic in a short amount of time, prices vary but you can usually get a solo ad for around $10 per 1000 subscribers

Printed Classified Ads

Putting small classified ads in printed papers and magazines can be effective especially when you not trying to sell the product or service in the ad but selling the idea of visiting the website where you have more space to pitch. Its best to use ads the create curiosity but appeal to your target audience when using this method

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2 Tested Free Online Business Advertising Ideas

Making money on the Internet today is something you can get pumped up about. However this is partly to blame for why so many people start and stop Internet businesses so quickly. The hard part is finding ways to promote your business and turn it into a profitable venture.

In this article we will talk about 2 successful free online business advertising ideas anyone can do regardless of their current financial situation.

The main thing to keep in mind is you are going to be using the Internet to do all of your marketing. This makes it possible for you to sit in front of your computer and promote your business all over the world.

All you need is a computer with Internet access and the ability to focus on developing Internet marketing skills!

1. Article marketing is the first tactic we will look at. There is a skill to promoting anything with article marketing.

You can not specifically advertise a product when you do article marketing. The approach you will take is writing articles that people find interesting.

At the end of every article you can include a resource box that contains a link back to your website. By writing a quality article people will be more inclined to click on the link in your resource box and that gives you the opportunity to turn that visitor into a potential customer.

It doesn't cost anything other than your time to write the articles. And you will need to submit them to the top article directories. If you choose to do so you can automate some of this by outsourcing the article writing and submission to freelancers.

However when you first get started you can do all of your own writing and submitting. You can go to a directory such as and look at some of the expert authors to get ideas on what a well written article would look like.

2. Starting your own blog is another way to promote your business on the Internet. You can go to and set up a free blog in 3 easy which is owned by Google.

You then take the articles you are using for article marketing and rework those in the shorter blog articles. Generally blog articles can be 200-300 words and article marketing articles run 400-500 words.

You will want to bookmark your blog articles into social directories which is similar to submitting them to article directories. The more articles you have online in both your blog and article directories the more potential readers you'll get and they can also serve a search engine bait.

These are 2 proven successful free online business advertising strategies. If you are willing to put some effort into learning how to do this effectively they can drive traffic to your online business.

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Internet Business Advertising – How Do You Find A Good Social Bookmarking Service To Use?

When you have an online business there are many different internet business advertising methods that you can use to advertise. One of the ways that is becoming more popular all the time is to use social bookmarking to advertise your business. There are many different sites that you can use to market your business, so you will want to make sure that you look at the different ones before you decide which one to use. When using this marketing method you want to find a social bookmarking service to use.

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