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Moody Stated That Spanish Credit Rate Might Be Down

International rating agencies Moody, AOS International Services yesterday said, could be re-cut the credit rating of Spain. This schedule is based on the severity of the country's refinancing and loan problem next year.

Last September, Moody, AOS lower rating from Aaa to Aa1 Spain. It put pressure on Madrid and the broader euro zone for fear of widespread decline. Moody, AOS states, the ability of Spain to settle the debt is not questioned. Besides that, Matador State also does not require external assistance, such as Ireland and Greece. However, future funding needs, including heavy, so likely will create new tensions in the money market. According to Moody, AOS, another problem related to Spain's rating is likely higher costs of recapitalization of the banking system are estimated to increase the public debt and add to concerns of its citizens. It handles whether the central government to push through reforms, Moody, AOS believe that the weakness of the Spanish warrant puts rating under review for a decline, Äù said Spain's leading analyst Kathrin Muehlbronner in a statement quoted by AFP.

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