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Useful Information On Appliance Repair

The last thing anybody really wants to experience is the conking out of an essential home appliance. Losing your current freezer, dishwasher or washing machine could possibly be the most inconvenient and annoying thing to have transpire. However, it is important to accept the fact that absolutely nothing lasts permanently, and it's also quite possible that your devices will wear out and break with time. Even so, this does not mean you must dump it in order to invest large sums of money selecting a new one. Once you know how to search for one, you could find a reliable appliance repair center very easily, and could have your home equipment repaired. Lengthen the lifespan of your respective house appliances for less than the cost of a replacement. Read the rest of this entry »

Zhang: the leader on the "pyramid" the bottom – Zhang, enterprise management – household appliances

< BR> enterprise in the development process, many managers do not follow on, and slowly it will lead to "large enterprises disease." The so-called "big business" disease, is among internal staff and departments of the game. Such as Nobel Prize winner Steve Nash said, "Everyone from the start to maximize their own interests, and finally form a game." Might be for their own interests at the expense of the company, the interests of others, it is also in our group slowly formed: inter-do each other a firewall. <BR> Now we need to do is how to make our goals are concentrated on creating customer value, how can collaborate together. We first is to subvert the various organizational structures. In accordance with the functions of management principles, organizational structure should be a pyramid, and is a regular triangle, the top leadership at the top, followed by a secondary lead, and then one level down to the bottom of the staff. Employees face is that customers, clients should progressively reflect the issue of staff reflect the up, and then make decisions leading down, there is in addition to internal consumption, there is a big problem, is not very well face the market, make decisions quickly . <BR> Now, put the triangle upside down, into a reverse triangle. Customers at the top, then line managers, employees face the customer, and finally a level down into the bottom of the top leadership. That the top leadership of enterprises from the original orders into the bottom of the first-line managers in the provision of resources. Among all the departments that have to line managers and clients to provide resources, provision of resources from those who give orders into one. <BR> In April this year, I went to Florida and Gerstner (IBM, former chairman of the board) talked about, he wrote "Who Says Elephants Can not Dance", on this issue we carried out an exchange, I drew this Figure, from the Triangle to the inverted triangle, we now do, do you think? He said, "I did the first time IBM would like to do, but I did not do." He said, is definitely in this direction, the approach is certainly good, but there was no reason to do what? There are two points: First, if you called first-line managers in the above one by one into the operating body, the management team will have some problems, the market will not be concerned about a number of new opportunities, and only concerned about his clients face , will lose a lot of new opportunities. Second, the line manager, team facing customers, fail to provide the resources behind him, he turned and came to resources, customer focus will be declined. For these two reasons, at that time IBM does not use this method. <BR> We also take into account these two problems, now taking steps to address. An enterprise can be significant, but further large, then small businesses is 3 sheets, income statements, balance sheet and cash flow statements, profit and loss account do I put a team in the inverted triangle is the leader of the most sophisticated , profit and loss account is to focus the company's strategic direction in the market and strategic objectives, of course, new opportunities for business is his task of improving the income statement. In order to prevent line managers and customer commitments also concerned about the underlying resources are not shared, all these people behind, say human, financial, etc. have their own profit and loss account, the profit and loss account and the team's commitment to customers, internal to the formation of a contract. We also conducted some experiments, results were pretty good. <BR> Now, the market doing a lot of companies doing to make the price reduction. In the past, a manager sent to Beijing to do, he said the product sold well, to cut prices, he would apply, we approved, the matter does not matter on and his interest, and price cuts only businesses damaged. It is bought out, lower prices will certainly losses, losses you do not pay, there is pressure there is power. <BR> Obvious benefits of doing so, it can adapt to changing information age, rapid market. Changes in the market too fast now, wait until the market changes and feedback back to you again for making sure that does not work, but I give you to operate the market, which definitely do. It would also solve the problem within the game, is the people, one culture of unity. Who is the staff alone is not a narrowly defined order, but the target market. Everyone has their own marketing objectives, goals and market synergies up to become a win-win situation. He can create value to the user, the value can be obtained from this new value.

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