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5 Reasons Why Small Business Owners are Valuing Their Own Businesses And Avoiding Business Brokers

Selling your small business for its true value and at the very best price is definitely challenging, however it may surprise you just how straight forward it is. More small business owners are becoming aware of just how simple it is to value and sell their own business - opting not to engage a business broker.

It is wise for small business owners to keep track of the true and realistic value of their business periodically, if possible from the day they open their doors for business, so that when the inevitable time to sell comes, they are not caught unawares.

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Avoiding Three Mistakes as an Online Marketer!

You have just entered into "The Twilight Zone."  No! What I meant to say is, "The Online Marketing Zone!"  This zone is for those who have the entrepreneurial spirit, that craving desire to be successful, and that one belief that the business you now own is designed just for you.  In this zone all questions will be answered perfectly and lifetime goals will be achieved.  This zone is exactly what you have been looking for.  Or is it?  Be careful!  You may be entering into a zone that some marketers inevitably find themselves in where consequences have not been considered.  Avoid these three common mistakes that online marketers make.  

1) Chasing Opportunity instead of Passion in the zone

Bottom line.  You need passion with a dose of excitement to get you through the tough times.  The opportunity is nice, but to get through these tough times, the times when you have written a number of articles, placed solo ads, ordered CPA traffic, tried postcards, etc., with little results, you must STAY EXCITED.  Staying excited about your business will push you through these times.  Identify and articulate your interests first, then see if you can build your business around them.  For example, if you're passionate about saving the environment, write an e-book on green cleaning products or ways to recycle trash.  No matter what product you choose, keep that excitement throughout the whole process.  Online marketers in the zone make the mistake of chasing the so called "Opportunity," instead of keeping the passion burning to build a successful business.

2) Developing a Product before Finding an Audience in the zone

Although you now have a product in mind, you may not have an audience.  You may have even found a product that greatly interests you.  The problem may be that you are the only one that shares that interest.  That's the mistake you've made and you may not even realize it.  If you build an online business around a product or service that no one wants, needs, or is actively seeking, you're in a big world of trouble.  So while you begin with your passion, make sure others do likewise.  You can use the "keyword selector tool" located at  First, enter the security code provided.  You will then be asked to type in words or phrases related to your product or service.  Type in keywords you think your target audience would use to find it (e.g. "Sony digital camera," "Luxury resorts," "Louisiana hot sauce").  You'll receive a list of an estimated number of times your word or phrase was searched for during that month.  You can even double-click on any word or phrase to get a more in depth look at the results.  Try it out!  Keep in mind, your goal is to get highly focused and targeted prospects to your website, not just warm bodies.  While in the zone, do not forget your audience.

3) Expecting and Asking for a Sale on the First Visit in the zone

Remember that marketing is a relationship-building process, not a transaction.  It can take a month, even years, to develop the right relationship between you and the audience.  It takes time, effort, and commitment to build trust, rapport, and a lasting friendship.  That is essentially what you are trying to get, a friend who will buy from you time and time again.  A friend who will tell others what a great experience they had or what a great product they bought so that they will want to check it out for themselves as well.  You need to make them believe that your product or service is the only one out there.  It's just like dating, you must take your prospects on a first, second, third and maybe even a sixth "date" before you invite them to purchase from you.  Never, ever ask for a sale on the first visit while in the zone.     

You may be an online marketer who has taken these factors in consideration.  If so, great!  But, if not, you may find yourself making these mistakes and falling into the "Online Marketing Zone."  Get out of this zone as quickly as possible so that you won't make these mistakes!  These mistakes could make or break your business.  Avoid chasing the "Opportunity," instead, chase with passion.  Determine your target audience before developing your product.  And lastly, build a lasting friendship with your audience before asking for a sale.

Hi, my name is Dancy Pace, the author. I hope you enjoyed my article. If you are interested in learning more about a proven system that helps you make the sale, then please visit my website at  It could make a better life to come for you as it has for me.

Dancy Pace was born in Bossier City, Louisiana in 1973 along with two other brothers. Yes, he is one of three, an identical triplet. Dancy is a Christian who is devoted to his family and loves to spend quality time with them every chance he gets. He also enjoys time with his other brothers especially as it relates to anything competitive, including sports. His competitiveness in sports directly correlates to his success in business as a sales and marketing expert. Having worked as a Lead District Sales Manager with The Shreveport Times newspaper for more than two years, he has gained substantial knowledge of what it takes to sell products in the offline business world. Shortly thereafter, Dancy started a new business venture employed with Enterprise Rent a Car where he quickly gained the title of Branch Corporate Accounts Manager. Through determination and desire Dancy successfully accomplished his goal of becoming Branch Manager of his own office within his first year. With these years of experience behind his back, of course, all in the offline business world, Dancy now plans to invest his knowledge, time, and competitive spirit in the online business world.


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