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Tsingtao by China Enterprise Management Excellence Award

Recently, the fifth "Managing China" Award Presentation Ceremony of the total Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, was held in Qingdao Beer Co., Ltd. With a long-term stable operation and Financial Crisis has shown remarkable ability to cope with risks, in the summit won the 2009 "Outstanding Contribution to Chinese Enterprise Management Award", Tsingtao Beer, President Sun Mingbo attended the ceremony to receive the award.

Award given word in the jury, said: Qingdao Beer Wine 106 years since it was launched, many times named the Financial Times ranked the UK top ten world-class brands in China. The last decade of this century to maintain double-digit corporate profit growth. In the hundred years of financial crisis, the first three quarters of 2009, profits still grew 79.3%, which once again proved why he is a hundred years old!

Forward-looking strategies, sound management, excellent management of Qingdao Beer Wine Award-winning cause and Tsingtao Brewery to buck the trend in the financial crisis, the reasons for flying. Before the arrival of the financial crisis, Qingdao beer had a premonition that might change the economic situation, seize the opportunity to the successful financing of 1.5 billion. The financial crisis began, cash flow is not sufficient Tsingtao guard, but proposed the "go all three," we?? Go all out to expand the market, under the premise of protecting the quality of go all out to reduce the cost, effort to go to guard against financial risks. Also proposed "financial winter does not hibernate," continue to implement strategies for integration and expansion simultaneously, and through NBA Series Sport Marketing Activities to promote the brand rejuvenation and upgrade the brand premium capabilities, and successfully overcome the adverse impact of financial crisis, before three-quarter profit growth of 79.3% of the outstanding performance, leading the economic recovery.

At the presentation ceremony, when the host asked about the operation of such a brand Tsingtao high value brands, and what kind of mentality, the Tsingtao Brewery Company president Sun Mingbo answer also reveals the world's seventh-largest beer commercial enterprises cultural characteristics, Sun Mingbo, president of "low-life, high-profile work," summed up. Tsingtao beer is now a low-key so the body's meticulous in quality, in operations on the solid sound; high-profile work embodied in the gritty, never give up the dream with passion achievements.

It is understood that, "Management of China" by China in the overall selection VLSI Three Realms have credibility and influence in business management and professional media, "Foreign Management" magazine launched by founder of the annual contribution to the selection of Chinese business management. Jury consisting of 14 top business schools domestic Dean experts. Selection consists of the total Chinese enterprise management "Outstanding Contribution Award", "Special Contribution Award", "Leadership Award" three of which "Award for outstanding contribution to Chinese enterprise management" require the enterprises to be 10 years of continuous growth is the major management category selection of the most influential media management awards. The establishment of the prize to set an example for Chinese enterprises to improve management of state enterprises in China and ability to give objects are in the field of management of Chinese enterprises made an outstanding contribution to enterprise.

The poll lasted 5 months, after "Chinese and foreign management" magazine readers and editorial board nomination questionnaire distribution and collection, the final stages of evaluation submitted to the expert group, Tsingtao rely on sound management, excellent management, financial crisis in the winter to achieve company performance bucked the market trend, the final candidates in the 92 well-known companies come to the fore, and China Merchants Bank and three other companies were in 2009 with the "China Award for outstanding contribution to enterprise management."

On the future economic situation, Sun Mingbo Forum held in the next, said "the financial crisis, China's global unique, outstanding, reflecting the institutional advantages. Currently, China is the manufacturing power to create power brand power transformation, we have confidence in China's future. "

Industry experts said the economic crisis had an impact on many companies, but such as Tsingtao Beer has excellent quality, influential brands to ensure that support from top management to do business with "to the crisis," the strength and ability the future is expected to continue to lead the industry.

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