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Some of the More Popular Penny Auction Sites

Penny Auction sites are growing in popularity these days. Where sites such as eBay carry the traditional auction style which consists of beginning with a starting bid and waiting until the highest bidder is found, penny auctions and Dutch Auction sites work a bit differently. We will take a look at these auction styles and to point out a few websites in which these styles of auction are used. First of all the Penny Auction style consists of an auction that goes up by merely pennies at a time. With a traditional auction style the price can be raised by just about any dollar amount, meaning the final price of the item can be quite high, sometimes even more than retail. Penny Auction sites charge customers per penny bid and then for the final cost of the item, if a customer doesn't have to put a ton of bids in on an item, they can get it for drastically reduced prices. Read the rest of this entry »

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