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8 Tips to Organising a Fundraiser

Fundraisers are a great excuse to hold a party. Not only can you and your guests have a great time, but you can also raise some much needed funds for your favourite charity. Aussies in particular are very generous when it comes to supporting and shelling out the big bucks for worthy causes, but you can’t rest on this alone. Fundraisers require careful planning and organisation.

To do list

  1. Before you plan anything, define the cause, set your goals and determine what charity will get the money you raise. In terms of your charity, it’s a good idea to be specific – it’s fine to, say, raise money for bowel cancer, but raising money for bowel cancer research or in support of the families of the terminally ill in a specific state can bring a nice personable touch to the event and create a talking point.
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E-Marketing for Businesses

Few things have impacted our lives and the way we do business more dramatically and immediately than the internet. The internet, known as the e-environment, has revolutionised the way we do business, allowing organisations to grow and compete on a global scale regardless of how many offices they have or where they are located.

This is where e-marketing comes in. E-marketing isn’t all that different from ‘marketing’. Essentially it is the process whereby traditional marketing techniques are employed using electronic methods i.e. distributing brochures online.

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Business Meeting Checklist

Creating a checklist is a great way to ensure your meeting is a success. Check out our ultimate business meeting checklist right here. Creating a checklist before a meeting is a great way to ensure that you achieve the required outcomes. Here, weʼve created the ultimate meeting checklist. From setting up a suitable time to making sure your business card printing needs are met well in advance, weʼve got the tips to help your business meeting achieve your desired result: Read the rest of this entry »

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