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8 Tips to Organising a Fundraiser

Fundraisers are a great excuse to hold a party. Not only can you and your guests have a great time, but you can also raise some much needed funds for your favourite charity. Aussies in particular are very generous when it comes to supporting and shelling out the big bucks for worthy causes, but you can’t rest on this alone. Fundraisers require careful planning and organisation.

To do list

  1. Before you plan anything, define the cause, set your goals and determine what charity will get the money you raise. In terms of your charity, it’s a good idea to be specific – it’s fine to, say, raise money for bowel cancer, but raising money for bowel cancer research or in support of the families of the terminally ill in a specific state can bring a nice personable touch to the event and create a talking point.
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5 Ways to Promote a Business

Promotion and marketing are a major part of a business. Without advertising, a business is one of many providing the same service. The aim of promotion is to uniquely identify the brand in the marketplace. Printing services play a large role in this task. However, most companies have limited printing budgets which makes it difficult to decide the most effective form of advertising.

There are several effective ways to promote a business, they include.

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