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Why Do so Many Small Businesses Fail?

The failure rate of small businesses is painful to see. With a little preplanning and consistent efforts in the right areas .... this doesn't have to happen.

First, I see far too many people who think starting a business means the till is their personal money and owning a business means not having to work. They don't come into prepared and give up far too easily when they realize people are not beating down their door to do business with them.
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Generate Extra Income from Profitable Home Businesses

All of us want a better lifestyle, to give the best luxuries to the family and the most important of all to enjoy and be content with the job. But how many of us have the resources to do them?

The solution - the different profitable home based businesses opportunities. There are various options of part time work. The best job is the employment work in home. You can keep yourself employed in home with the help of the best home businesses.

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How To Promote Off Line Businesses Using Your Online Marketing Skills

There is a big market available for people to use their online marketing skills and, for a fee, promote traditional off line businesses. This article will look at the many reasons why you can promote off line businesses using your online marketing skills.

1. Many off line businesses are struggling with marketing at the present time. Some of the traditional methods of off line promotion are not working as well as they did in the past.

A good example of this is the Yellow Pages which are no where near as effective for advertising as they used to be. In the past, people used to routinely look in the Yellow Pages to find a business that they needed, but it is becoming less used over time.

In this day and age, many people will use the local search function on their favorite search engine to find a business they are looking for. Nowadays, if an off line business does not have an online presence, they will be losing out on plenty of business as a result.

I'm sure that you can now understand the potential to help off line businesses gain an Internet presence by using your online marketing skills? This scenario presents a winning situation for the off line business, for yourself and the business's customers.

2. Keep in mind that off line business owners are usually extremely busy and know very little about Internet marketing. If you look at a lot of their websites, their lack of online knowledge will become immediately apparent. This is where your online marketing skills will come into play.

If you take a closer look at these websites, you will notice that many don't even have proper meta tags in place. You will also observe that many of these sites have a poor layout.

You can make a lot of money simply by cleaning up and optimizing those poorly put together websites. Once the visitors find it easier to navigate about the website, their first impression of the business will be much better.

3. If you notice that the online business you are working for doesn't use a lead capture form on their various pages, then you can certainly build this in for them. Most offline businesses that have made their own websites are wasting daily traffic as they are not capturing the contact information of their prospects.

You could likely earn a full time living using your online marketing skills by just placing lead capture pages on all of the business websites that don't currently have them. After you upload the lead capture pages, you can continue to earn more revenue by building email follow up series for each of these off line business's autoresponders.

So you see, your online marketing skills are very much required by off line businesses as they really don't know how to accomplish this on their own. Some of these business owners may have some Internet marketing experience, however, they are usually too busy to set things up on their own. These business owners will gladly pay you for your expertise.

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How Small Businesses Offer You a Great Money Making Business Opportunity

As the Internet continues to evolve it is presenting tremendous opportunities for the average person to make money. One opportunity that is not being totally capitalized on is the small business sector. Here are a few reasons why we think small businesses offer you a tremendous money making business opportunity if you will learn how to do it correctly.

It is somewhat astounding that many small businesses today still do not have a website of their own. They continue to operate in the old fashion way. This would include having an ad in the Yellow Pages, doing weekly advertising in their local newspaper, and relying on word of mouth for new business.

Even in rural areas people are becoming more accustomed to using the Internet to find what they need. Every small business that does not have an online presence is missing out on potential new customers.

Another fact is that small businesses who do have a website on the Internet are not marketing it in any way. There are several reasons for this including the fact that most small business owners have no idea how to market a business online.

This presents a tremendous money making business opportunity for a person who wants to develop it. You can start by contacting small businesses right in the very area where you live.

If they do not have a website offered to build one for them. If you are concerned that you do not have the skill to build it yourself, relax because you can outsource all of the work.

There are people all around the world who are willing to do things that you may not know how to do yourself. You can hire these people at websites such as and pay them to build a website for your customer.

Your job is to find out what the customer wants, and then make the sale. Small business people are willing to pay as long as they see a value and trust the person that they are dealing with.

Another way you can make money with small businesses is to offer to market their business on the Internet. One way you can do this is to offer article marketing as a way to develop their online presence.

If you do not like to write articles, again you can outsource this by hiring an article writer. You can even develop a keyword list that is relevant to the type of small business that you are dealing with.

In summary these are a couple of ways that small businesses offer you a great money making business opportunity. You are only limited by your imagination and drive to go out and do it.

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