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Email Marketing 101: 5 Ways To Make Your Campaigns Successful

Email marketing is a one of the fastest, easiest and most successful ways to market or advertise your product or service. It is in fact the most preferred means of marketing for almost all kinds of businesses, from real estate to home repair. Because many people rely on email marketing to get the word out about their business, it can be difficult to reach your targeted audience. But it can be done as long as you consider the following factors when you're planning and executing your HTML email or newsletter campaigns.

Personalize your emails

Most email marketing campaigns end up in the bulk mail file of the target customer. Why? Because the sender hasn't shone that they know the customer at all, let alone their name. Even though you may be sending thousands of emails to thousands of recipients, keep in mind that the best email marketing services allow you to personalize each one with your customer's name. If you do this, you're showing email service providers that your customer is definitely yours and not just an email address from a bought email list.

Keep your email marketing copy crisp and to the point

Once you've personalized your emails, your next step is to get your recipient to open them. Remember that in email marketing it's just as important to have your customers read your emails as open them. When you create your headline, keep things straightforward and to the point. If you're offering 50 percent off on a product, by all means say so. Writing cryptic headlines that take time to understand will turn the customer off immediately. Use those few seconds you have of your customer's attention to get your point across and entice them into reading further.

Keep your language and words simple

When you write your email campaign copy, stick with simple, easy to understand words. Remember that you want to reach the broadest possible audience. By using simple, straightforward language and an easily understood vocabulary, you can reach out to every single customer, from the high-school dropout to the MENSA member.

Make your email layout design easy on the eyes

Using complicated graphics and jarring colors in your email marketing layouts are a mistake. Why? Because the more complicated your graphics are, the more time it takes to download. On the same token, the more jarring the colors, the more distracting they become, which ultimately takes the attention away from your message. Remember that your body copy should use a font in the same family as your headline. Using too many fonts is also a big error, and will make your layout look thrown together and unprofessional. If you're not sure how to create a pleasing layout or email template, by all means hire a professional email designer to design one for you.

When customers respond to your emails, get back to them right away

When a customer takes the time to answer your email, make absolutely certain that you respond in less than 24 hours. If you can, respond immediately. If you answer emails quickly, you'll show that you're a professional business that cares about their customers. If not, someone else will get your sale, guaranteed.

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Benefits Of Spam Checking Email Marketing Campaigns

There are many benefits of spam checking your email marketing campaigns and if you are interested in being successful then you will not ignore these benefits. In fact, if you do ignore them it is quite possible that you will not have a very successful campaign because many of your emails will go undelivered because they will be marked as spam. That’s something many email marketers are unaware of and it is very important to know and understand. With spam being such a huge problem many ISPs are taking it upon themselves to reduce spam. As a result, they scan emails before delivering them for certain phrases, layout, and key terms. Those emails that meet any of the triggers will not be delivered because they will be marked as spam. Follow the tips outlined below to help create an email marketing campaign that will be successful and won’t be deemed as spam.

Increase Deliverability of Emails
The biggest benefit of spam checkers is that they help you improve the chances of your emails being delivered. There are enough obstacles email marketers have to deal with when it comes to having their emails opened and read and adding the issue of ISPs blocking emails is somewhat frustrating. However, any savvy and smart email marketer will pay attention to what’s going on in the industry and have a spam checker evaluate all content before it is sent out. Emails, newsletters, and the like can all be “graded” to determine their level of spam. Content that passes can be sent out as is, however content that doesn’t will need to be changed enough so that it can meet the spam checker’s qualification of “no spam.

Improve Opinion of Products/Services
Another benefit of spam checkers is that they will help you improve the overall opinion of your products and services. The reason why is that when you use a spam checker you will have an idea of how your newsletter or marketing materials will be received. When your marketing materials pass as not being spam then this is the way the majority of your customers will respond to the marketing emails, too. Today, people are fed up with spam and anything that even closely resembles it will get deleted immediately if it isn’t blocked first by the ISP. So, follow the spam checker’s suggestions and send out a newsletter or other marketing email that is spam free!

Reduce Risks of Spamming
Spamming has many risks within itself and even if you don’t think you are spamming, your recipients might. This is a fine line and one that email marketers certainly have to walk along. What’s important is that when you use a spam checker to evaluate your content you will ensure that everything you send out is on the up and up. That’s really important and it will keep you out of trouble, which could include big fines and other problems!

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Seeking Maximum Success Via Internet Marketing? Then You Must Add This Essential Ingredient to Every Element of Your Campaigns

It’s very possible – more like probable according to the latest statistics – that as an Internet Marketer you’re you having PROBLEMS…

-Grabbing and keeping surfers’ attention…

-Driving lots of targeted traffic to your Web site…

-Generating scores of quality leads and prospects…

-Building a huge, responsive mailing list…

-Making enough sales to cover your expenses (even though your goal is to make lots of money to do the things in life that you and your loved ones really want to do).

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