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Participate Now in The First Entrepreneurship Conference in Egypt by Career Development Foundation (CDF)

On behalf of the Career Development Foundation (CDF), we welcome the participants and delegates of the 1st CDF Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the city of Cairo in June 2010. We hope that our joint activity will inspire top quality scientific and professional collaboration in the promising area of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Career Development Foundation (CDF) is considered, one of the main players in entrepreneurial programs, youth Training & Education, environmental awareness, and information technology.

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What A Home Business Career Could Mean For You

Have you ever wondered if a home business career is for you? Do you hate your nine to five job? Having a home business career is an excellent way to have more leisure time, but you do have to put in time getting it started.

If you have decided to work from home there are a plethora of work from home ideas and opportunities that you can capitalize on. The world of money making and job-hunting got so much bigger with the onslaught of job markets and job opportunities online.

The Internet has brought many opportunities for people to earn money while working from home. There is no Shortage Of opportunities. Regardless of why you want to look for one, rest assured that there are going to be many small home based business opportunities that

you will be able to find. The best place to look, of course, is online, because you will be able to find many different opportunities there that you probably had not thought of before.

The point is, that you should at least investigate the possibilities and give your dream job a try. Because you could face over twenty years of living with the regret of opportunities lost and chances not taken. The choice of the new career should be made according to the job opportunities, the growth option, and the pay packages and last but not the least your passion for the new career.

The great thing about my stay at home business is that I can choose how to supplement my income, or you can go it alone and do it full time. To earn a decent income from the web, a person needs to recognize the different streams of income and gravitate towards the right one.

For those searching for ideas to earn extra income from home, the internet is the ideal place to start looking. There is an entrepreneurial renaissance underway as more families look for ways to supplement their income.

The ideal work from home business allows you to constantly work ON your business, not IN your business. Many people shy away from the idea of a home business career because they feel it means door-to-door selling or managing home parties to sell products.

Since a lot of home business ideas are run, or at least started, as a part time job , you will need to check if your current job leaves you with enough time for running a home business as a part time job. It does make a lot of sense to do that. First of all, the idea of staying at home for work is something that a lot of people dream of.

Know what you are getting into before you provide personal information so that you can work from home. Getting started with this type of Internet home business does mean you have to do a little research to find out what it is that consumers want to buy.

There are things that you can do with limited funds to make sure that you are getting the customers that you need. The fact remains that you just have to do it. You have to spend several days surfing the web and getting your name out there in whatever way that you can.

You must not be lulled into thinking that operating your own home business career is the easiest opportunity available. A home business career is not the same as just working from home.

Basically a home business career is running a business from home and deriving your main income from this set up. Having a business career is a great way to earn passive income and have more leisure time, but you Must put in your Time and Effort to get it started.

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Career in Internet Marketing

With the advent of Internet, marketing has evolved from its tradition avatar into more robust and dynamic forms. Internet marketing has developed as a fast growing industry in itself. Owing to its fast growth, it has also opened up immense job opportunities for youngsters looking to get into a marketing job but are not interested in the regular marketing stuff. Jobs in Internet marketing are quite different as compared to normal marketing jobs. While the purpose remains the same, the approach differs as Internet audience behaves and reacts in a different manner.

Also, those aspiring for Internet marketing jobs have to be passionate about technology and keep themselves abreast with the latest tech advancements in the field. Thus, the basic skills that you require for an Internet marketing job are: thorough knowledge of the Internet space, a technical bend of mind, knowledge of marketing basics and loads of creativity. Since Internet domain is fast developing and the competition is also rising increasingly, one has to be on one’s feet all the time to be successful in this domain. Since Internet is a very powerful medium of communication, it needs an especially designed strategy to sell ideas to people.

Since Internet is a democratic domain, it rewards those who have done enough to ensure that apart from the worth of the product or service offered, the site is seen and marketed well to the users in this domain. The Internet audience is not bound by time or location. It was a world-wide audience. So, Internet Marketing requires talking to your customer wherever he/she may be. Once the traffic to the site builds up, it features prominently on the search pages and that is from where more traffic comes. Also, banner advertising on various other sites is on way of Internet Marketing. Then, there are text ads that are run on various sites. There are ad networks that handle such advertisements and place the ads on selected relevant locations. There is a whole industry dedicated to carry out and think of creative and innovative ways to promote things on the Internet. Even offline products are promoted online.

To get a job in Internet Marketing, one doesn’t really require a formal degree. MBAs, engineers, math graduates, and many others can do it equally well with practice. It pays to be creative and quick in this domain. The field is relatively new and is ever changing. Thus, there is scope of a lot of innovations and taking it to the next level. There area certain set practices following which one can enter the industry and once the nuances are learnt, one can look at any revolutionary idea.

There are basically three types of websites that carry out businesses on the internet. Firstly, there are customer to customer websites that enable communication of the consumers. They allow users to interact with each other and then benefit from their experiences for various pursuits. These would include networking sites, matrimonial sites etc. Then there are business to business websites where businesses link up with each other. This is primarily done for transactions and buying and selling of products and services. Then, there are business to customer websites where consumers of the products or the services being provided can directly come to the site. Internet marketing is the most efficient for such sites.

For a person in the Internet Marketing space, it is important to have a deep and clear understanding of all the types of sites and the mentality of the users coming to those sites. It is only when one understands the relevant audience that one can market any thing to them. They have to be spoken to in their language. Of course, creativity is important but it should not be ambiguous. Since the attention space of the Internet users is very less, it is better to keep the communication direct and crisp. Then, ranking up in the search engines is one sure way of targeting the relevant audience and getting the right traffic to the site. There are various practices to achieve this and these practices are an imminent part of successful Internet Marketing. Any product or service on offer should very clearly be able to state its advantages to the users and make them come to the site that is being marketed.

Most companies in the internet space do a lot of spending on Internet marketing and there are various job opportunities in such companies. Other than that, even offline companies hire agencies to do Internet marketing for them. These agencies also have good jobs on offer. One looking to pursue a career in this field can look at starting his/her career from either of these and then go on to learn and carve a successful career here.

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How Self Motivation Compliments a Work at Home Career

Do you know why self-motivation is so important? There are many different reasons! You are probably seeing seminars and advertisements by self-motivation gurus such as Tony Robbins who have created a career teaching people the importance of staying self-motivated. In this article we will talk a little bit about the importance of staying motivated when you work at home and all areas of your life.

There are many people who have figured out the importance of self motivation. However, there are others out there that want to do things but they don't have the self motivation needed to get the job done.

Other people can help to motivate you for a lot of things but if you want to reach a certain goal than you need to learn to motivate yourself. So why would do you want to be self motivated?

There are a couple of different reasons why people everywhere need to be self motivated. If you work at home and you are your own boss you do not have anyone but yourself to motivate you. You have no co-workers or a boss to motivate you!

Here is another example, do you want to have a certain career such as becoming a nurse? If you do than it will be up to you to find ways to use self motivation in order to achieve that goal. It all starts with self motivation when you want to reach a goal through your efforts.

You won't get very far in this world if you don't know how to use self motivation. By knowing what it takes to make yourself self motivated you will have the power to reach any goal that you want to in your life, no matter how hard it may be to reach that goal.

You need to make sure and educate yourself on how to use self motivation in your own life. The best way to do this is to find training programs that will help you learn how.

You can also try self hypnosis if that would work best for you. You just need to make sure that you find something to help you learn what you need to know. This is important.

No matter what way you educate yourself, you need to make sure that you become as self motivated as you can. If you can use self motivation in your life than you will have a much higher chance of being successful in all areas of your life including if you work at home.

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