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Cheap yet Effective Small Business Marketing Strategy

Are you a newbie in the online market and wanted to promote your small business? There are actually many small business marketing strategy that you can implement and target your market using them. But before you go about the process, the one thing that you need to consider is your budget. Are you ready to invest good-sized money to do all the small business marketing strategy? For beginners, this is really intimidating, especially to those who are not knowledgeable about the internet marketing “technology”. But don’t get frustrated because with a little help from the experts, which they call themselves internet marketing gurus, you can fuel your small business marketing strategy and get the results you need for your small business online.

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Cheap Business Advertising Methods Do This And Stomp Your Competition

Cheap business advertising is not only available, but it can set your sales on fire. If you think cheap means ineffective you are dead wrong.

For decades I have watched every kind of advertising for business with almost zero startup funds for advertising. Even more impressive. I have seen failing businesses be taken over by savvy managers and completely turned around again with almost zero cash. Here is how they did it.

Radio advertising for free, Internet presence for free and cheap business lists to market directly to their prospects through inexpensive faxing and e-mailing.

You may be thinking I have completely lost my mind when I mention free radio advertising. Believe it or not, it is extremely common practice for radio stations to trade advertising for every kind of product and service you can imagine. They love to save cash. They will trade advertising for food, clothing, gasoline for vehicles, catering, cleaning and the list goes on.

Simply contact the general sales manager at your local stations by phone. When you speak to them get straight to the point. They are used to fielding calls like this. Tell them what you have and see if they\\\'re interested. If they don\\\'t bite right away just leave your contact info and I can guarantee you will get a call in the future.

Can\\\'t afford thousands of dollars for a web site? No problem. Local colleges and universities are filled with students studying Internet Design that are begging for experience. Just contact the placement or guidance officers at local schools.

Last on our quick list of cheap business advertising is making use of business lists in the form of fax lists and e-mail lists. As an example I have watched many local restaurants make an absolute return on investment killing by sending out regular menu specials by fax to local area businesses. Just make sure to check local laws on electronic communication before proceeding.

Need More? Pierre Lessard is one of North America's Top Marketing Consultants and his website at offers simple instruction on how to use all types of business lists for maximum profit. You can really grow your business by subscribing to his Free Marketing Power newsletter by sending a blank email to: mailto:

Internet Marketing Plr Ebook – How Can You Convert a Cheap PLR eBook to a Money Making Product?

Internet Marketing Plr Ebook

The price tag for a PLR eBook is not as same as your ordinary eBooks that are sold online in daily basis. As they are so cheap, they get a lot of attention and bought by many. They buy them because PLR eBooks come with resell rights, which means they can easily resell them to others.

So, if these products can be purchased by many, won't they also be sold by many? Doesn't that mean, there are many competition out there, trying to make money by selling the same eBooks?

Well, if you try to sell them without any modifications, then the answer to your above question is yes. However, this not the way, you should use PLR eBooks. If you really want to resell them or give them away for free to build your email list, you need to convert them to a unique and valuable product.

You can do this quite easily. All you need to do is sit down and spend few hours to do the following: Internet Marketing Plr Ebook

· Change the title of your eBook. Make the title something more attractive and also something that would grab attention.

· Change the cover. As you know eBooks have their own e-covers. So, if you redesign the e-cover that comes with your PLR eBooks, then this alone will make major change.

· Change the formatting. You can increase the space between lines, change the font of the text, and even change the spacing between the margins.

· Change sentences and paragraphs. Try to rewrite them with your own words. Try to add your own personality to the content.

These changes may seem small, but they will surely convert your PLR eBooks into something more valuable and unique. Internet Marketing Plr Ebook

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