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Self Fulfilment Comes With Self Motivation

To some people, brushing their teeth in the morning is a part of life and is an essential necessity that is done automatically, to other, brushing their teeth is a chore and the only reason it is done is to avoid the possible outcome of a cavity that will not be pleasant at all. In this case their motivation is the simple fact that this so-called tedious chore can lead to a more unpleasant outcome if it is not done now, however the other half does not see it as a chore at all and as such they do not need motivation to do it.

In that same sense, many people live by the "it could be worse" philosophy and those persons tend to not need much to be motivated. When they suffer a minor or even major set back, they tend to think of how bad it could have really gotten and choose instead to focus on what is left and try to rebuild from that. I guess you can say that they also fall into the "glass is half full" crowd. But the simple fact is that if you dwell on the worse part of the ordeal, you will quickly become de-motivated and depressed and will therefore prefer to give up than start again.

Another great saying that governs the life of most motivated people is the one that claims that all things happen for a reason. While you do not have to necessarily believe that, you can opt to think that if something goes wrong, it only happened because it is preparing the road for something to go really right and if it had not in fact gone wrong, you would have gone down the wrong road under the impression that it was the right one until you approach that road block. Can you imagine if that were true, you would have convinced yourself that you were on the right path because it looked good from the beginning, but when you meet that roadblock with no way over or around it, you will none but two choices; stay in that one spot for the rest of time, or turn around and go back, then start over on another road.

The aforementioned ways of looking at life may not seem practical, but they will help you to keep your sanity and stay focused when you have a task to complete. It may be a small task that can be completed in a few minutes or a few hours, or it may be a task that will take you a few months or a few years. What ever the task may be and however long, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to maintain a positive attitude and that will keep you motivated.

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