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7 Common Business Advertising Mistakes

You've probably heard the famous saying "I know that half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted: if only I could figure out which half it is!" Well, now you can. By eliminating the common mistakes many businesses make with their advertising programs, it's easy.

Here's a checklist of mistakes many companies make with their advertising:

1) Not focusing enough time and effort on their advertising

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3 of the Most Common Questions About Email Marketing

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One form of Internet marketing that has kind of gotten a black eye in the past is e-mail marketing. Many Internet marketers do not even bother trying to run an email marketing campaign today and that is a mistake.

Here are three of the most common questions about email marketing and we will explain the answers in a way that will help you want to get started using this profitable form of marketing your business online.

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Common Work at Home Business Mistakes How to Avoid It?

A home based business is a great way a person can make an extra income on the side or just get out of the normal grind on the average 9 to 5 job. Millions of people in this country already have an at home at one level or another and are generating billions into the economy. It is no wonder why thousands more a day are getting into the home based business game using informative sites such as

However not everyone is success full at home based business than others. Sites like happily home based makes getting stated easy, but it still up to each individual owner to ensure their own success. Studies have found a few key mistakes that first time home based business owners make. A few of them are the following:

Never get into a home based business on a mere compulsion

Do your research. Make good use of at home business finders like Happily Home Based

Choose a starter business that you can easily understand. If you have little or business experience choose a home business that is cheap to start and easy control to begin with.

Happily Home Based has a wide selection of Home Based Business Opportunities at many different levels of budget and commitment.

If you feel hesitant to take on a home business all by yourself find a partner, a friend, family member, colleague, whatever, to help spread the risk and responsibility out.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew, sums it up.

Don’t give up so soon. Creating home based business from scratch takes time, and you may not get a return on your investment in a matter of weeks. You have to build up reputation and the cliental and money will eventually come in.

There's nothing wrong with buying an existing business or franchise that can be based at home, in fact, there may be less risk involved if it already has a track record of being successful.

However, it can be hard to track down those for sale that can be done from home, if that's where your heart is, that's why websites like Home Based Business for Sale are useful. This is one of the most popular directory sites of its type, featuring home franchise and other home business listings; while providing advice, resources and tools for fledging entrepreneurs.

And finally… Yes unfortunately some business will fail. Always remember that a home based business is a business NOT a hobby, and if you treat it so you will lose money. However, if you do it properly, research your business at sites like, and you will join the millions of American cashing in on at home businesses.

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Common Mistakes In Small Business Internet Marketing That You Can Avoid

Internet marketing for a small business may be easy to handle, you may say, but it is not that much different for internet marketing in a big company. Small businesses can be easily contained and this may be the reason why it is easier to handle internet marketing problems at this scale. Even for small business internet marketing, mistakes cannot be avoided and knowing about them can be a means to prepare for them. This way, you can plan ahead on what to do once they happen and how to best battle them when they do. Having the knowledge about the things that can go wrong about your business can strengthen your chances of achieving your business goals and attaining success.

One of the most common mistakes in small business internet marketing is lack of focus. Sometimes, because of your excitement to apply certain marketing strategies for your business, you forget that everything has to be relevant to it. In order to avoid this mistake, do not rush any projects. Make sure that you have thought of every aspect regarding a certain strategy or a method that you would like to use in order to achieve your goals. Take time to check everything before putting it to work. You could also try by testing a strategy first before employing it to make sure that it can help. Another mistake that you could encounter is using a media that does not work for your business. In any business, it is important to be able to reach your potential clients, much more on an internet marketing business. If you will use a media that does not work, you might suffer because you will not be able to reach the clients that you want to attract. What you have to do is to analyze the media that you are planning to use before making the decision on whether or not to use it. Another mistake that you may encounter along the way is ignoring the possible shortcomings that your business might experience. No business is perfect. You have to prepare yourself from the good as well as the bad things that may happen to it. If you will ignore the potential problems that the business may go through along the way, then you will be in for big trouble. You have to arm yourself from these problems before they happen. Project them and list them down if you can. Afterwards, think of your game plan so that you can instantly create a solution in the event that they happen. You also need to have a personal involvement to your business if you want to know how to handle the problems that may arise from its operations. By knowing exactly how your business works, you can easily devise a plan in order for it to survive the mishaps that it may experience along the way.

Knowing the mistakes that most people go through in small business internet marketing is one way of preparing yourself. Be informed and make the right decisions in order to achieve your goals and ensure growth.

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