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The New, Simple Conveyancing Approach

The big new buzz in the property market is “the service component”. This major new move is based on technology and market demand for speed and efficiency.

The service component motif is particularly noticeable in conveyancing, formerly a very bureaucratic and in some cases horrifically slow process.

In the past, people didn’t know much about conveyancing or how important it was to the property market. Most people only encountered conveyancing services when buying a home. Now, things are very different, with a lot of professional private property investors in the market.

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Five Benefits of Buying Your Own Home

Benefits of buying your own home include not having to rent, being able to decorate the way you want to and having your own privacy. There are considerable benefits to buying your own home, namely saving throwing money away on rent. When buying your own home their own a few steps you need to go through, as well as sorting out finances, you need to handle the legal aspects of having the title of the land transferred over to you. This is handled by a conveyancing company, although you can do this yourself but it is extremely complicated and you are better off paying the conveyancing fees to save the stress. Read the rest of this entry »

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