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Credit Crunch Affecting Small Business Lending Leads Small Business Failure

According to statistics, more than half of America is employed by small business owners and these owners rely on credit. Not just credit to expand business or purchase a new cash register, but credit in order to make payroll. Now that tough financial times are here, banks are not as giving as they once were. Banks are changing their standards on <a rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link']);" href=>small business lending</a> , making it hard and at times impossible for small businesses to get financing.

A Majority of Banks Are Changing Their Small Business Lending Standards

Most small businesses agree that even in the last 6 months they have felt the affects of the credit crisis. The problem is the domino affect of this crisis: since banks don't have money to lend, small businesses cannot borrow money to expand, pay bills or payroll- which then affects employees of small businesses.

Franchises of larger businesses are also feeling the pinch.

Rescuing Starts at the Top No Immediate Assistance for Small Businesses

Since the government is concerned with helping the big players first, small businesses can't get the immediate help they need. The government can't realistically help out every small business in the ways they are assisting big businesses right away. Time is money of course and small businesses lose more than larger businesses every day that they can't get financial assistance.

Without Small Business Lending , Small Businesses Make Sacrifices

Because there isn't the normal financial cushion helping businesses have a little wiggle room, all expenses must be taken into consideration. This may include cutting big expenses in a small company. This sadly, may include:

EmployeesHealth Insurance Moving Full Time Employees To Part Time Positions Cutting bonuses or severance pay

If you are like many, who wanted to start their own business and haven't yet, it may be wise to hold out. Taken into the consideration that 98% of all brand new start up businesses fail, you may just want to hold onto that money a bit longer, until things sort them selves out. Otherwise, if you are ready to take the plunge and nothing is going to hold you back, take your friend's advice, listen to other small business owners and seek out investors that you trust. Looking for small investors over banks me be intimidating, but the investor may see the potential that other banks who are skittish already may not.

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Get a Line of Credit for Your Small Business

Now the small business owner can get a line of credit with no hassle. Even in today’s economic climate with banks faltering and the stock market declining, smart banks and credit companies are still looking to invest in small business opportunities. Oftentimes, a line of credit can mean the difference between success and failure for a small business.

Lines of credit can be used to purchase inventory, pay utility bills, manage payroll, advertise, or to fund expansion projects. A line of credit can also allow a small business to weather downward trends in sales without having to make painful budget cuts and unpopular layoffs. A line of credit also allows a small business to avoid high interest loans from traditional banking institutions. Lines of credit are also much simpler to manage than typical loans or financial advancements, and securing a line of credit for your small business has never been easier.

While traditional banking institutions offer lines of credit for your small business, there are also other options. Conventional credit card companies are great resources a line of credit. They usually offer introductory low interest rates, flexible payment options, and are usually easier to secure than small business loans from a bank. The Internet is great tool to utilize when searching for an available line of credit for your small business. There are several web sites that offer searchable databases of credit offers. You can limit the search by any number of criteria, making each search specialized to your particular needs. These details can include credit limits, payment options, interest rates, and credit company options. Also, by applying online, many credit card companies offer different and better credit line terms for small businesses. These better terms can mean the difference between success and failure in a competitive business environment.

While credit card companies are a great and easy way to secure lines of credit for your small business, a bank can also be a good place to look for a line of credit. The terms may not be as good initially as a credit line issued from a credit card company (especially from an online application for credit), but banks a generally more trust worthy and the credit line terms are more predictable. When applying online for credit lines, there can be hidden terms or stipulations that are hidden in pages upon pages of small print. It is often difficult to realize all the terms and limitations of an online credit line. Interest rates are a good example. While introductory rates can seem excellent, once those introductory rates expire, the interest rate can skyrocket. This increased interest rate can cost your small business thousands of hard earned dollars, thus straining your business’ bottom line. Credit lines issued from banking institutions are more straightforward, and while their introductory interest rates are not generally as desirable as online credit institutions, the increased rate is generally much lower. When trying to secure a line of credit for your small business all aspects of the credit line are important. While credit lines can help your small business purchase inventory, pay employees, and weather downturns in sales, the wrong terms for your credit line can cost your small business thousands of dollars.

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How to Make Money Online by Accepting Credit Card Payments From Home

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To make money from home from your own home-based online business, you should provide customers with the opportunity to make their purchase with a credit card, as well as provide the opportunity to pay for the purchase with a money order. By making more options for your customers, you will make more sales for your online business.

Learning how to make money online requires learning how to make more money online. Once you make the decision of which online business opportunity you want to pursue so you can make money from home, you need to learn how to give every website visitor the opportunity to purchase your business product or service. The first and easiest method of making an opportunity for more online sales is to expand the options for the customer’s method of online payment.

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Credit Card Services Qualify You for Small Business Loans

If your business still does not have a merchant account that allows you to offer full credit card services, you are turning your back on profits. Just take a look at all of your competitors. All of those that pose serious competition accept credit card payments. Those that do not have credit card services do not have great sales figures to show, either. Even statistics point to the fact that companies that have credit card services earn much more than companies that do not have credit card services. The average credit card sale is $40 while the average cash sale is only $9. That means you are losing potentially $31 per sale.

You may also be spending more by accepting only cash and check payments in your business. The processing of cash and checks has been found to be more costly, requiring more manpower in handling. Studies have shown that the average processing cost of credit card payments is only 2.7% of a transaction while the average processing cost of checks is 4% of a transaction and the average processing cost of cash is 4.8% of a transaction. Once again, you are leaking profits by refusing to accept credit card payments.

So how do you accept credit card payments in your business? This is where credit card services come in. The old route is to apply for a merchant account in a bank. You will then have to lease the software and equipment necessary to actually process payments and send the data to your account. If you want to accept credit card payments online, you need to apply to a payment gateway that allows real time credit card authorization for online transactions. You should ensure that your payment gateway is compatible with the bank or financial institution where you have your merchant account, and with the software and equipment you have leased.

In choosing the bank or financial institution for your merchant account, consider their expertise in combating fraud and reducing chargebacks. Also make sure that they are experienced in handling merchant accounts with online transactions.

If you are a small business owner, stick to a bank or financial institution that caters to small businesses rather than large companies. You may be able to get better rates and packages designed for your specific niche.

There are options for credit card services that offer everything you need in one easy package. You will not have to deal with various entities or go through various procedures. Often, these options also have added benefits, among them, quick reporting on your credit card sales figures. They may also offer interest on your credit card sales income, even up to money market rates.

One very important feature of your credit card services that you may not know of is that it can automatically qualify you to avail of small business loans. Once you have established a record of sales through credit, most credit card services will allow you to make cash advances that are practically like getting previously approved small business loans without having to put up any required collateral. The credit card services consider your future income through credit card sales as your collateral. This can go a long way in further growing your business.

Payment will not be a problem, either. For as long as you have sales through credit payments, you automatically get to pay your small business loans. It does not matter how much your sales are. Your payments are automatically deducted as a percentage of your sales. You are always covered.

Now do you still need further convincing on the benefits of credit card services for your business?

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