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Headways Offers Customized Online Marketing Solutions

Online marketing is the mantra for success in this competitive world. It is one of the best marketing strategies for promoting online as well as offline sales. Although there is no standard formula for internet marketing, headways offers a combination of services that will make a huge difference to your sales. Headways media is one of the established German online marketing agencies. It has just started its operations in Mexico. It is headquartered in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. The USP of this company is that it customizes the marketing plan to suit your business needs. Unlike other companies, this service provider does not offer packaged solutions. It ensures that your business activity is studied and evaluated carefully and a plan is created specially for your business enterprise. If this information has aroused your curiosity then here is a list of services that you can expect from Headways.

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The hidden mysteries of Customized Email Marketing

The recent explosive growth of Internet has opened a lot of opportunities for marketers all around the world. A few years back a new type of marketing called Internet Marketing emerged, and sooner when email became the ultimate mode of communication on the Internet, a new Internet marketing technique was born: Email Marketing.

At first, when the internet marketers found that they can send out information about their products anyway they want through emails, they simply bombarded the email addresses of their existing customers, and also of those who were not on their lists. They sent out emails to public and private email lists, and even paid huge amount of money to get these lists for their broadcasting. When they saw that this is working great, they just keep sending out emails everywhere, and didn’t thought of any strategy to work on while doing that.

Sooner, email marketers from around the globe were just flooding their recipients, most of them never wanted to get any emails of such a sort. Finally, on a mutual agreement email providers all over the Internet implemented the spamming strategy and labeled all the email marketers as scammers. After this, no one even tried to read emails that ends up in their junk or spam folder.

Sometime later, opt-in email marketing strategy came in to place. Every Internet marketer started to use single and double opt-in email marketing strategy, and with this way even the recipients were happy to subscribe to the emails they wish to receive in future and deny requests to emails they don’t wish. However, a personalized catchy subject line with no particular personalized content failed to catch interest of email readers. This strategy also failed, but many still prefers to use it nowadays.

The ultimate email marketing strategy adopted by the Apple Company, I-Tunes, resulted far better than all other from the past. It was simple and efficient. After selecting any artist’s name you like, you can request the opt-in system to inform you via email about any new album or track that comes in. Then you will be expecting emails from I-Tunes that reflect your type of choice, and the significance of this strategy is that you are forced to open every email you receive from them, as the email reflect your favorite choices.
This customized email marketing strategy adopted by I-Tunes did play a very important role in verifying the needs of subscribers, instead of just spamming them or indulging them for un-relevant information. Any new Internet email marketer who wishes to be successful can use this strategy and make his/her business much more fruitful in a shorter period of time.

Khurram Zaveri is the owner of Spryka Inc, an application development firm dedicated to providing valuable email marketing and personal finance software for business and personal use.


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