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How to Manage a Director Penalty Notice from the Australian Taxation Office

If you’ve received a director penalty notice from the ATO, you need to know why the notice has been issued, and exactly what you can do about it. Many company directors react negatively to this notice, and don’t quite understand the issues involved. This is strictly a taxation issue, and there are multiple possibilities for both representation and dealing with the problems.

The basics of a director penalty notice

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6 Tips to Deal with Debt Collectors

Thinking of getting a cash loan to get rid of debt collection calls? There’s a better way. When you’re having financial problems, debt collectors can quickly become a daily annoyance. But if you follow these tips on how to deal with them, your life will be a bit easier.

Don’t ignore them

Ignoring debt collection calls is the worse thing you can do. If a collection agency is calling you, it’s because you have a debt problem.

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