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2011 Financial Market Direction

Even though many traders think that financial market is random, the fact is actually otherwise. There are discernable trends and pattern of the market movement which will be helpful for traders to determine their next decision. So what are the predictions for the market direction in this 2011? Well, according to the chart which shows that there is a rise for Indices markets over the Mid October to the end of the year, we can learn that this year there will be repeating on this pattern.

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Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making & Cases

Product Description
Providing a vibrant new four-color design, market-leading BUSINESS ETHICS: ETHICAL DECISION MAKING AND CASES, Eighth Edition, thoroughly covers the complex environment in which managers confront ethical decision making. Using a proven managerial framework, the authors address the overall concepts, processes, and best practices associated with successful business ethics programs--helping readers see how ethics can be integrated into key strategic business decisions. In addition, the new eighth edition incorporates comprehensive and rigorous updates that reflect the recent economic crisis and the ever-increasing academic and governmental attention being given to this area. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Global Sourcing Via Online Market an Easy Decision to Make?

We have seen that global sourcing and multinational purchasing activities are on the rise in the current times, and that online market places have come to occupy increasingly important place in the scheme of things of such nature. We also know that countries such as China are one of the major destinations for global sourcing, multinational purchasing and related activities and that the use of online market places for such purposes had given China a cutting edge over others. Of course this does not mean to say that online market places are the only factor responsible for such increase of global sourcing and multinational purchasing activities to the nation, for online market places exist literally everywhere; but there are several other factors such as availability of low cost skilled labour, plenty manpower etc. which have led to such a tremendous growth in global sourcing and multinational purchasing from China.
This may seem to suggest to most people that decisions such as global sourcing, multinational purchasing and so forth are very easy to make and it just need the presence of an online market in form of a website to carry out the same. Well if you are under such an impression you really need to think it over for making a decision to manufacture or buy a product or service literally halfway across the globe which means global sourcing and multinational purchasing decisions are not to be made simply at the wink of an eye or click of a mouse on an online market website.
When a company decides to carry out global sourcing and multinational purchasing using an online market, it is literally putting its brand name and reputation at stake; hence the need for carefully thought out and well planned moves in order to carry out global sourcing and multinational purchasing via online market places. Just imagine how disastrous it could be if such activities like global sourcing and multinational purchasing are simply outsourced without much careful thought just by getting attracted towards a luring online market website. This could ruin the reputation of a company and the faith of the customers should there be any mishap in such a deal due to lack of transparency and trust because of the huge geographical distances involved in the utilisation of online market places in global sourcing and multinational purchasing. Hence the need for ingenuity on the part of management to use online market places for global sourcing and multinational purchasing activities., which is the shortcut to China's industrical resource belonging to China's leading B2B Portal and Vertical Search Engine,


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