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Gurbaksh Chahal?s Entrepreneurship Lessons in ?The Dream?

After the sale of BlueLithium, Gurbaksh Chahal decided that his role at Yahoo was complete and he wanted to write a book. The main reason behind his writing was that he felt that his life has all been about defying odds through mistakes and lessons he has learned and he wanted to empower others to never give up and to continue to find their magic.

He didn’t know anything about how to write a book or how to go about even getting it published. However, one of the things he realized early on – if you don’t know how to do a particular thing, go out and surround yourself on the people that do. So, he did exactly the same. He signed up the William Morris Agency, one of the biggest talent agencies in the entertainment & media space. Outside of the television, film, and production talent they represent, they also have a very big literary department. Gurbaksh’s agent introduced him to one of the literary agents and he flew down to New York to discuss his intentions for “The Dream.”

After a few weeks, Gurbaksh ended up selling global rights to Palgrave Macmillan (part of St. Martin Press) for the Dream. Then he went to work and after 8 hard months, finally completed the manuscript for “The Dream”.

The goal of this book was to inspire individuals throughout the world to understand the elements of risk in the pursuit of one’s dream. It also detailed Gurbaksh Chahal’s story of the successful creation of two internet-based companies worth more than $340 million and also highlighted his key experience involving motivation, risk, discipline, and courage in the pursuit of his aspirations. Finally, G ended the book with 27 lessons on entrepreneurship; which are 1) Listen to your heart 2) Forget noble motivations 3) Adjust your attitude 4) Figure out what you’re good at 5)Trust your gut 6) Do your homework 7) Be frugal 8) Don’t be frugal with hiring 9) Hire smart people 10) Don’t expect perfection, but strive for it 11) Learn to listen 12) Own your mistakes 13) Never compromise your morality 14) Never lose sign of the competition 15) Watch your back 16) Don’t procrastinate 17) Don’t do anything by half-measures 18) Be nice to people 19) Negotiate from a position of strength 20) Expect the unexpected 21) Perception is reality 22) Don’t get emotional 23) Be fearless 24) Pick your battles 25) Grow a think skin 26) Take chances 27) When you commit, you really have to commit.

“The Dream” was one of the dreams of Gurbaksh Chahal , which came true in October 2008. The Dream is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders and all major bookstores. To know more about Gurbaksh Chahal, please visit the site

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Making Your Dream of Success a Reality Using Self-talk and Self-motivation

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” Buddha

The proper use of affirmations is one of the most powerful tools known to man. We have all heard people say something like, “I’m no good at that.” We may have even said that ourselves. Such a defeatist statement is technically an affirmation, but NOT the type of affirmation that all of us need. What we need are affirmations that encourage, motivate, and change us for the better.

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