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Email List for bulk email marketing. Success is in the list

Now, if you want a good list, you can probably place a website on search engines with an autoresponder and wait after the “cobwebs” clear and get a few emails to send your offers to. Or you can try placing your website in pay per click advertising and watch your “dearest” search engine gobble all the money and get about a dozen emails. With all the effort, you’ll probably will not get anywhere. So, its time to play hard ball. Do you know anything about email marketing? I’m not talking about unsolicited email. I’m not talking about spamming the whole country with your offers. Absolutely not.
You want your own list, right? You want thousands of emails that you can send your offers to. You want to sell and you want to make money. Not just nickels and dimes -I mean real money fast. Well, bulk email marketing has never been better. Email marketing is high impact with “bankroll” results. Pay per click, search engine submission, classifieds, banners, and all that nonsense can take a back seat -permission-based bulk email marketing is the king! The secret is in the list.
Now, do you know there are actual lists that do get plenty of response. These companies gather curious consumers and sell the list. So, where do I go to get a great bulk email list? Who do I trust? There are plenty of companies out there that promise you “pacman” buyers. Yep, buyers that gobble plenty of offers that fall in there inbox. First things first: Research is the key.

1.Research Look for an email list or email marketing services. Check out their website. Check if they have a contact address. See how long they have been in business.

2. If you can get a good recommendation from someone that has used a email list company or email marketing service -that’s perfect. Ask all the questions. You can try yahoo answers. Ask a question, see who gives a good recommendation for a good list. Never fall for that “spamming is illegal”. Those people don’t know the laws regarding email marketing. Most people misinterpret the whole email marketing concept.

3.If you can do your mailings yourself that’s good. If you feel nervous about doing it, hire an email marketing company. Remember, check them out and ask questions. Get their advice and get others advice. Do your homework.

Follow the law. If you don’t know the law, research it and know it by heart. Most people don’t know what they are talking about when it comes down to email marketing. There is plenty of people that are ignorant.

So, if you want to make some serious money. Bulk email marketing is the way to go.

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