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Email Marketing and “Brand Awareness” For Clothing Designers

As a smaller brand within the clothing design industry, how can you compete against the bigger brand names without email marketing?

You don't have the kind of money to buy print media or TV ads to expand your client base. On top of that, you don't have the expensive, fancy tools big companies use to keep their clients coming back. Email marketing helps you retain your clients by helping you promote your brand and make your customers feel appreciated. Email marketing solutions only require a few minutes of your time, and what you get are professionally designed email advertising campaigns sent directly to your customers.

So here's how you start: The first thing you have to do is collect a list of emails. There are a number of ways to do this, but one effective method is to get your customers to sign up by offering them a discount, like '5% off every order this month if you sign up for our email database.' Anyone who is satisfied with your service will want to receive the same merchandise at a lower cost, especially if it means that they will receive a 'preferred customer promotion' for doing so.

Congratulations! You now have your first contacts. The next step is to sign up for an email marketing account. Signing up is easy, because most email marketing solutions are so simple that anyone can take advantage them. Now, cycle through the professionally-designed templates and create your first campaign. Building your campaign is also an easy process. Email marketing provides you with user-friendly templates so that all you have to do is input your text (or you can copy and paste it, if you want), and add your images. Here are a few tricks to think about when using your email marketing to create a campaign: Do not use excessive bolding, italics, and capital lettering in the main section or the subject line of your email. Also, try not to put too many pictures of your products without also adding content to support the images. Symbols like dollar signs in your subject line or exclamation points should be avoided as well. All these techniques commonly used to attract attention also end up attracting spam filters. If you overuse them, your email will not go into your subscribers' inbox, but rather into their spam or junk mail box.

When you are ready, just click a button to schedule your email marketing campaign and it will automatically go out to the people on your list at the date and time you selected.

Now that your email marketing campaign is finished and has arrived in your buyers' inbox, you will be able to track which of your customers are interested in your promotions. One of the great things about email marketing is that it can track 'clicks', and 'opens.' This gives you a percentage breakdown and analysis of which of your customers are opening and clicking on the promotions you have included in your email. Also, by adding a 'forward to friend' button, you will be able enhance your mailing list, and have a greater chance to gain more customers.

As a clothing-designer, using email marketing will have a large impact on how many return customers you have, which will positively affect sales. Email marketing can provide you with added business and potentially grow your client base over time. This is a cost effective way to keep on par with larger brand competitors and maximize your brand's potential. You might be small, but now you can plan for bigger things.

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An Email Marketing Program Helps Electronics and Technology Stores

Your online or bricks and mortar electronics outlet may already be using an email marketing program to promote its products and keep in subscriber with current customers. But, how can you maximize the potential of this tool to create greater sales growth on a more consistent basis? One way to enhance your use of email marketing program is through expanding your subscriber list. Growing your subscriber list through promotions and contests can increase your potential for sales. I'm sure I don't have to tell you why that's where you want to be.

One effectual way to amplify your subscriber list with an email marketing program is to have contests, online or in your store. This form of promotion will act as an incentive for your customers to sign up to your mailing list. Your online store can place a sign-up box on its website, asking visitors to sign up to receive promotional offers. You can offer a free TV, computer, gaming system, or entertainment center. Give away whatever you can, depending on your budget. Just make sure the prize is relevant to your target audience, to ensure higher numbers are signing up.

Another way for an online store to increase sign-ups is through a "forward to friends" contest. This can be done from your website or from the emails that you send to your existing subscriber list from your email marketing program. The contest winners are those that sign up the most "friends" or "forward" the most emails. The better email marketing program solutions will offer you the option to automatically add a 'Forward to a Friend' link at the bottom of your emails. The very best email marketing program will even track which of your subscribers clicked on that link and forwarded your email contest to their friends.

In-store promotions and contests are quite similar. The only difference is that you have to present the promotion within your email campaigns, and not on your website. You will also provide the opportunity to sign up in store through an application form, or by dropping off their business cards. Within you email send outs you can also add the "forward to friends" promotion. email marketing program can track your subscribers' "clicks" to determine the winner of the contests.

Once you have a bigger audience, you can consistently promote and continually grow your database while also increasing your sales. Developing a plan to enhance your consumer base can have other positive effects too. If your contest becomes consistent (once a year, or one in summer/one in winter) you will create "a buzz" around your store.

This is a really big deal!

Having customers anticipating your promotions is the best way to increase your brand recognition and image to the public. You will have a competitive edge against the big box stores, and as an independently-owned electronics retailer you can't ask for a better way to stay ahead of the conglomerates. So you're well on your way to being one of the giants.

You've already seen how email marketing program can help you keep in contact with your current customers, so why not maximize the potential of your on-line or in-store electronics and technology store by using it to grow your subscriber list? The contests and promotions you establish through email marketing program will expand your number of subscribers as well as promote your brand name.

The bottom-line is that more subscribers translate to more potential sales.

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3 Email Marketing Myths That Will Help You in Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is an old way to advertise your product but all Internet marketers who have tried it should admit how powerful email marketing in persuading people to whip off their credit card. Before start doing your homework in building email marketing list, there are some myths and misconception that should be cleared.Here are some of them.

1.Not a lot of people use email

The most important reason why email marketing is one of the best marketing tools is because almost everyone have email and check their email regularly. Email works like a nest for a bird. People who do not have email is like a bird without a nest, because there is no way to address them.

2.Email marketing campaign is impolite

People often judge email marketing as spamming and intruding someone’s privacy. From the recipient perspective I have to admit sometimes email marketing is really make lots of people upset, I think the sender just bulking up my email with bunch of junks. But I finally realized that email marketing is different from spamming. Email marketing is permission-based, the message is send to people who agree to received while spamming is have no permission.

3.Sending email to all the people is stupid thing

The best way to solve this problem is by analyzing your list before sending your email. There is a tools called customer segmentation that can help you to send your mails to certain group of people. You have to interact with your list, it should be two way communication, you have to get some feedback and adapt to it.

To conclude it, you should make this point really clear in your mind before start your email marketing campaign. Start building your list and prepare your goal and marketing strategy.

I wish YOU good luck,

Rudy Yonatan

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Three Practical Steps to Improving the ROI of Email Marketing Campaigns

In an economic downturn it is essential that you get the best return possible on money invested in direct marketing campaigns. In particular, with email marketing campaigns we are all looking for how we can make each email count and increase conversion rates. By taking just 3 simple and cost effective steps you can improve your email marketing campaigns and greatly increase your ROI.

Advanced segmentation

We all know how important segmentation is to a campaign's success, but how many of us really take the time and effort to use that knowledge effectively? The answer is 'Not Many'. Lots of busy marketers get through a whole year (if not a whole career) without worrying much about any segmentation beyond recency, frequency and value of past purchases.

While this basic level of segmentation is good in itself, there does come a time when we have to break out of our comfort zones if we are going to really excel.

Segmenting our email marketing data into lists that share common characteristics allows us to target the right people with the right message. Age, Gender, Class, Income, Location and Hobbies are just a few of the myriad ways we can split lists to give ourselves a greater chance of converting prospects into sales or to build ongoing relationships with recipients.

If it all seems like too much work, talk to your list brokers (they are the experts after all). They can take on the graft for you as part of their role, allowing you the to sit back and bask in the glory of the increased ROI that comes from really effective data segmentation.

Get relevant, get personal

Personalisation is not just putting a customer's name in a subject line. In order for our mailings to stand out amongst the in-box competition we need to make offers that are truly relevant to the individual recipients. This means understanding the data we hold and using it effectively.

We can all bandy around terms such as 'dynamic content' and 'life-cycle based messaging' but again, few of us have the time or inclination to really work our data. For example; the purchasing history of a fashion store customer may well show a marked preference for clothes of a particular colour. Why not use this data to dynamically choose the colour of product images sent in individual html emails? While an email to Mrs Smith might include a picture of a red dress, the email sent to Mrs Jones would show a blue version of the same dress. I am sure you can find an equivalent piece of data in your records that could be used to similar effect in your next email marketing campaign.

Using techniques such as this to make an email relevant to individual recipients is critical to making sure it gets opened, read and acted upon. Again, why not resolve to have a talk to your email list broker about how they can help you use the data you have at your disposal to create more effective email marketing campaigns.

Engage with new subscribers

Warmly welcome new subscribers immediately upon subscription. Even better, have a tempting offer or promotion ready for them. Then do all you can all avoid losing your new subscribers within the first couple months. Do you have a staggered email marketing programme ready to go as soon as they join? Many companies have been doing this very effectively for years but so many others are ignoring this simple but hugely successful technique.

It really is essential to keep in regular contact with subscribers with details of new products and services. Do send them a monthly newsletter including your latest news, offers and free trials. Incidentally, If the first email a customer receives from you has clear white list instructions, it will help ensure that it isn’t also the last email they receive from you.

Above all, from the start be clear about when, how and what you'll be emailing them in the future to avoid mismatched expectations and disgruntled subscribers.

Admittedly these are all very basic suggestions, but sometimes it does us good to remind ourselves of the basics.

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