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Sports Organizations Are Using Email Marketing Solutions

Whether you operate a baseball league in the summer, a hockey league in the winter, or any other type of sports organization, you know that communication is of paramount importance. In order to facilitate the smooth operation of your league, it is vitally important to communicate with coaches, players, sponsors and other organizers. In the past, this may have been a laboring activity. But now, with the power of email marketing solutions, it's easy to create professional and effective email marketing campaigns with just a few clicks of the mouse.

One of the most common uses of email marketing solutions for sports organizations is to send out important announcements to coaches or team managers. In most leagues, if the coach/manager doesn't know what is going on, then there will be chaos, which is obviously something the league organizers want to avoid. With the right email marketing solutions, the league organizers can send out a mass email to all the coaches, complete with maps to various venues (baseball diamonds, hockey rinks, swimming pools, etc), detailed schedules, links to websites like MapQuest for directions, and more. Through the power of email marketing solutions, leagues are no longer constrained to just plain-text emails. These communication messages can be jazzed up with graphics, which not only make them more eye-catching, but also more informative. As the cliche goes, "a picture says a thousand words", so including a couple images can go a long way towards ensuring your coaches and team managers know everything you need them to know.

Email marketing solutions can also let you send captivating emails to all the players or participants in your league. Many leagues around North America have found it very effective to send out monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly newsletters to everyone in the league. This helps maintain a high level of interest because the participants are constantly being updated with all the latest news affecting the league. Most email marketing solutions will allow you to create a long or short newsletter, so there is no pressure to come up with a certain amount of articles to include. Sometimes newsletters during the off-season only have one or two articles, while newsletters sent out in the middle of a season may be packaged with five to seven articles. You can even ask players and coaches to submit stories and successes they'd like to share with the league. Your email marketing solutions will adapt to accommodate your needs so whatever it is you want to communicate, you will be able to do so easily.

Sending out newsletters with your email marketing solutions is also a great way to encourage enrollment for upcoming seasons, events or tournaments. Also, due to the viral nature of email, you can use your email marketing solutions to encourage current players to forward the email to their friends, which just takes one click, to further spread the word about your league and encourage additional enrollment. Ultimately, the more people you contact, the more people will be able to sign up for your league, and your email marketing solutions can put that communication on the fast track.

When you are running a sports league it is important that you know your message isn't just being sent, but that it is also being read by your audience. With email marketing solutions, it is no longer a mystery as to whether your email is being read or not. Within minutes of sending your email campaign, most email marketing solutions will let you view real-time reports to see exactly who is opening your email and who is not. In most cases you can even see the date and time each person on your contact list opened the email. This lets you put your mind at ease because you will know that your communication was effective.

Email marketing solutions is an affordable and effective way to boost the communication efforts of your sports league. Regardless of the age or skill level of your league, being able to distribute information is always vitally important. With email marketing solutions in your arsenal, you will be better equipped to handle that challenge. Have a great season!

Rudy Barell is a Senior Account Executive with, the complete email marketing solutions trusted by sports organizations everywhere. Try the feature packed email marketing solution today with a no-risk free trial.

Concise Email Marketing Tips and Strategies for Novices

Email marketing guidelines and strategies are crucial to make a mark in the business world. Anyone who thought that sending out mass emails on a regular basis translates to email marketing, needs to think again. Strategies have to be worked out in order to be successful in an email marketing venture. And we are here to tell you about you some email marketing tips and strategies. In a world of severe spam laws, it can be quite complicated to begin an email marketing venture. But our email marketing guidelines and strategies will direct and help you set up your business as one of substance.

Email Marketing Tips And Strategies To Start You Off

• Double Opt-In: A customer must be given two chances to verify their subscription to your mailing list. A double-opt in usually works in the following method. The customer gives his email address on your website. He then has to click on a verification link sent in the first email by your company. This is an excellent email marketing tip or tactic.

• Unsubscribe Option: All customers to an email marketing list must be given a choice to unsubscribe at a future point in time. This unsubscribe choice is usually given at the bottom of every email sent by the company.

• Acquiring email addresses: A great way to gather email addresses is to gather them on a high traffic webpage on your website. Adding a subscription link to such a page works marvel. Offering free incentives to visitors to join your mailing list also works. Add to the email marketing package by creating free software, or an e-book or any other related gift to suggest to the customers as soon as they sign up on your email marketing venture. Another way to accumulate email addresses is to buy an email list. But do take into consideration the following email marketing guidelines and strategies while doing this. First- purchase these lists from distributors who enjoy an esteemed reputation. Second, try and purchase a list that includes customers in the market section that you want to target.

• Format: Your emails must be sent in both HTML and plain text format. This email marketing tips and tactic allows an greater number of people to read your emails.

• Regularity: The trick to email marketing is getting the timing right. Keep in mind to send email newsletters frequently. Once a month on a predetermined date, or once every two weeks is an excellent option. Sending too many mails might irritate the subscriber who then just might unsubscribe. So once you get the timing of your emails right, you stay in the subscriber’s memory and will be able to sell your ideas and products frequently. Following the above email marketing guidelines and tactics will improve your product value while adding to your business insight. No one wants his business newsletter to be cluttered as spam. Customer reliability has to be won and retained.

Gene Higginbotham is an up coming affiliate marketer who owns He explains email marketing tips and strategies are essential to make a mark in the business world. Learn more about the Email Marketing Tips

Want to Email Marketing? We Got Ya Covered!

Your email marketing campaign is the number one factor in your marketing plan. 

Sending your email to the right person is paramount as campaign will not  work if you get this wrong.  This is a great way to realize an income from your internet marketing.

Various types of materials related to business are sent by email everyday.  Email is now used  to bring to the public attention  products or services available on and offline.

The cost of marketing could be extremely high.  The cost of posting a letter has gone up. 

Printer ink and paper is not cheap.  Email marketing is now among the cheapest form of marketing today.  It s a useful Internet marketing tool that help you to reach out to your

customers successfully and without difficulty.

Ninety percent of people visiting your site for the first time will not buy anything. 

The idea is to keep your site in contact with them over time so they will not forget you. 

Bear in mind, that there are millions of sites on the net today.

It has proved that the best way to start earning an income online is by using email marketing.  When used properly, email marketing can give you an income very quickly.

Email marketing is one of the dominant marketing tools today. It is trouble-free,

inexpensive and extremely efficient. According to surveys, customers and prospects

would rather to hear from you by email than any other means.

Adding email to your marketing mix cost you less time and money than with the usual marketing plan. Your information goes out instantly, and you can notice the outcome right away.

It is nearly impossible to find another marketing method that comes close to

email marketing and the benefits that can come for using it.

Every email you send is an opportunity to hook up with consumers and place

your business as you would like them to see you in the marketplace.  Let the market know that you exist and help drive sales of your product.

In talking about the development of an opt in email list you need to know of  the

serious cost to your business linked with spamming.

Spam or unsolicited commercial Email is  Junk mail.  It is an attempt to deliver a

message, over the Internet, to someone who would not choose to receive it.

One main difficulty that you can face as an Internet marketer is seeing your

emails flagged as spam when they in fact are genuine. When this happens,

a large percentage of your emails will never be read, as they will be caught up in spam.

As this is detrimental to your business, it is important that your emails are not are caught up in this. 


While trying to get your business off the ground and is in the process of building your list you need to make some money.   Using an email marketing service will deliver your emails with proper procedure and from their own server. 


Sticking to opt-in email lists can keep your business on the right side

of the law, and protect you from hefty fines for unsolicited commercial email sent. 

It is helpful for the company to be able to prove that their efforts were legal

and good intentioned.

You can send your email to thousands of confirmed internet buyer’s spam free. 

Join a private advertising club and start sending today. You can send your ad spam


Theresa Williams is a grandmother of two and a part time farmer. She loves information, loves to impart some of her knowledge gained through life. For more info on the above article visit

10 Tips for Efficient Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an effective online marketing technique if you go about it correctly, and avoid all possibility of spamming. In fact, a recent study conducted by the DMA or Direct Marketing Association shows that in 2008 alone, the ROI of Emails amounted to $45.06 for every dollar spent. That's a huge figure considering it is so easy to do.

However, you can only do this if you know how to get that email into the Inbox of your potential clients instead of getting it into their spam or junk folder. So, how can you achieve that and attain these high levels of income? Here are some of the things that can be done to improve the likelihood of your email marketing campaigns being as successful as possible.

1. Avoid Long Words
Avoid fancy titles and long words in your email. Many people often make such elementary errors such as using words like "breakthrough", "phenomenon", etc. Spam filters will immediately think your email is spam if you use such words. Unless you have really developed a product that is a true breakthrough, then steer clear of this type of language. Make your email simple, straight-forward and yet convincing.

2. Keep Clear of Cash
Avoid mentioning about cash in your email. Any excessive discussion about money will almost certainly result in the bulk of your mailing ending up in spam folder - and not many people bother to check their spam folder. However, this could be a problem if your topic is all about money, and in such cases you should figure out a way of presenting the topic discreetly, or of at least getting your email into the Inbox and opened. You know those "get rich" type of emails? Those are mostly sent to the spam folder, so make sure you avoid any word or phrase that could be construed in that way.

3. Mortgage Brokers have a Problem
If you are in the mortgage business you are going to have problems, because mortgage brokers have abused the email system so much in recent years that the word is synonymous with spamming. You may be a legitimate mortgage company but spam filters will frequently block mortgage pitches whether they are real or scam. If you want to use email marketing for your mortgage business, make sure you make your email subtle, such as subtly directing to people to your website for more information.

4. Don't be too Urgent
Avoid the word "urgent" in your email. You've probably heard or read spam emails saying that "it's urgent" and "don't miss the opportunity of a lifetime". However, most spam filters are set to trap that kind of language. Never use the word "urgent", even if it relevant to what you have to say. Spam filters do not analyze your email for its meaning as search engine algorithms do, but simply look for certain words that have been pre-programmed into the software.

5. No Guarantees or Money Back
You should also avoid a few more phrases in email marketing, such as "money-back guarantee", or the "check is in the mail", because so many scam emails using the same phrases are being sent every day, and nobody will believe you anyway. Email marketing involves a high level of avoidance of certain words and phrases.

6. Offer Nothing Free!
Other terms to avoid include phrases such as "why pay more", anything with Free" in it, and the dollar or pound sign is a definite no-no. Try to phrase your title, and the rest of your email, in such a way as not to focus on the financial benefits or gains, and not to use specifically emotive words or superlatives. Hence, the exclamation mark is a certain way to get your email directed to the spam folder.

Email marketing is totally different from most other forms of marketing. Keep clear of hype and minimize upper case letters. You can Capitalize the First Letter of Each Main Word in your Subject Line where appropriate, but no more than that.

8. Use Opt-in Forms and First Names
In order to get your emails read, try using the first name of the person you are mailing. You can avoid being accused of spamming (but not the spam software) by using a double opt-in system with your opt-in forms if you are using them. By doing that you will also collect the first name of your prospects, and your autoresponder can then use that in the subject line. Using a person's name is a powerful way of attracting their attention and getting your mail opened.

9. Avoid Images
Avoid images in your emails, because these can take an age to load, and after doing all the hard work and getting your email delivered and opened, you don't want it closed again just as quickly. HTML images are frequently split into pieces to help them load quicker and if you don't get your HTML right, a spam filter will often redirect your mail to where you don't want it to go.

10 Offer Text
HTML might seem great to you, and look very attractive in your email system, using your browse and screen resolution. However, it can look completely different on somebody else's computer, so never use HTML unless you also offer your mailing in an alternative text format. Many people, even some of the top online marketers, use only text, both in their own email marketing campaigns, and to receive mail.

If you apply these 10 tips, you will have a better chance of getting your email past the spam filters, and also having it opened. After that it is up to you, but you must grab the reader's attention immediately they open your mail, and keep them reading. However, that is another topic.

Naz Daud is the founder of CityLocal.
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