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Email Marketing immediate connectivity and instant promotion

Internet marketing is a very vast field. Companies are using this medium to reach to the educated class of customers and those who are using net facility frequently.

Email marketing is highly specific, where Companies can introduce this marketing technique for immediate connectivity and instant promotion.

Immediate connectivity: Email marketing is related to sending promotional campaigns and introductory offers. Email service clients with immediate actions. It’s like, senders send messages and receivers receive it within no time. The only time required is to draft an Email message for target customer. Numerous people can be emailed all at once, within no time. Some Companies have the contact addresses of their target customers, in their contact list. This makes it all the more easier, to send messages, with immediate connectivity.

Instant promotion: Many promotional schemes are so lucrative that consumers get allured by such offers. Companies draft such schemes to allure customers and provide them maximum benefits within no time. Email marketing is one of those advertising techniques, which gives creates instant promotion within no time. Customers can understand that Email, and revert back for any confusion.

There are some precautions to be taken before promoting product or service in any scam:

No spam please:

Spam is never visited by users. Spam mailing creates negative impact on users. It is better to direct mails to inbox, only. Careless marketer or unscrupulous marketer may serve in unprofessional manner. Then, popularity of such products is reduced drastically. Avoid spamming under all circumstances.

Don’t flood other’s inbox:

Emails need to be least pushy and least obtrusive. Avoid hyping the products and services or readers may think that it is good to be true and never pay attention to it, at all. On the contrary, if Companies try to picture the product in absolute terms, then there would be least response, as truth is always bitter. A balance between the two situations creates maximum response.

Option to unsubscribe:

Create an option to unsubscribe Emails, in the end. This will create a positive effect in user’s mind. Many customers get bugged up by Email marketing and opt for unsubscribing them. This way a trust is created within the customer.

Create an instant link:

A customer should not search for links. They have to be readily available for him to react.

Email marketing should create such an impact that you receive instant reaction from receiver, then only Email marketing is successful for you.

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Email M ? Web Based Email Marketing Service Providers

Email marketing is an effective way to grow your business online and it shows successful path to get more clients to your business. In this competitive online business world everyone need to promote their business in some way. There are plenty of promotional methods available to expose your business online. But all those ways are not that much affordable to get into.

Generally people who are into small business need some effective but affordable method to promote their business online. Email marketing is one of the best method for them to promote their business in an ingenious way. So that people used to select some email marketing service providers.

Before going to the email marketing service providers, people should know about their origin, working methodology, Spam control policy, pricing & planning, terms & conditions and etc. Here, In this article I just want to write about Email M, the company which providing Affordable Email Marketing services and different plans depends on number of subscription.

Email M service provider is giving 30 days trial period for the customers. It is much useful for customers to know about their service, mail delivery rate, plans, options handling, failure rate and so on , in that trail period. Email M mail marketing service suitable for all browsers, so that people can avail service at any one of web browsers. Unlimited free phone and chat customer services has been provided by Email M to all customer. All those customer support services available 24 hours.

Easy sign up form will let customer to create free trial account for email marketing on Email M portal. Email M marketing service providers having some distinct features compare with some third party service providers. Email M providing high deliverable rate and it reduces email sending failures rate. Email M having graphical chart which will help us to know track of email traffic in a single glance.

Professionally designed templates and GUI environment will make customer feel good while working with Email M. Email M needs less attention to maintain the site and it is much easy to create mailing list & campaign in own. Additionally, it provides auto responders, Scheduled Email Queuing, Video tutorial and etc.

Why Email M Service Providers :

High Email delivery rate

Free Trial for 30 days

Professionally desingned Templates and completely customizable

Pay less attention to maintanance

Provides auto responders, Scheduled Email Queue and more..

Hope my article about Email M ( Web Base Email Marketing Service Provider) will let you know their services, plans, working methodology and so on. Get start your Email Marketing plan for your Business. Good luck.

Email marketing; Scourge or Saviour?

Today email has changed the face of modern communications. We have the ability not only to open and read our emails at our desk or on our laptop but with mobile technology, our email accounts (and we're sure to have more than one) can live in our pockets. Smartphones and netbooks mean we can take our email wherever we go. And who knows what the new iPad will do for it!

So how has all this affected the power of email marketing? Well, firstly there has been a significant change in the way smart marketers are using email. There will always be the spammers, happy to spew out millions of emails a week with completely non-relevant subjects to every possible address on the planet. However, new technology and greater access to it now allows everyone the opportunity to harness email as it should be used, following that well-worn marketing mantra of Right Message – Right Person – Right Time.

With a stronger move towards the powerful concept of Permission-based Marketing, good marketers out there are looking for ways to get appropriate messages in front of potentially interested customers. More than this, we can learn about our customers too.

Email marketing, used properly, can become a cornerstone of a solid marketing strategy. It can be used to attract new customers, as well as maintain effective contact with existing ones. It allows us to deliver the right message in a timely way and, most importantly, to the right individual.

Other reasons why email marketing is still among the top tools for SMEs include:

Speed; there really is no other way (with the exception of SMS Marketing perhaps) of getting a marketing campaign running faster. You can release a campaign in the morning and start making sales in the afternoon. You also get very fast (real-time) statistics that allow you to fine-tune your marketing campaign as you go.

Split-testing; I can't believe there are still people out there who continue to run the same adverts week after week, month after month, with no plan to test them. This really is CRITICAL and split testing is the easiest way to achieve this. If you're not aware of how to do this, FIND OUT and stop wasting your money (look out for a blog on this soon!).

Return on Investment; because email marketing can be so much cheaper than other forms of marketing, if you USE IT PROPERLY, you'll see an amazing ROI. It's no longer about 'spray and pray' it's all about getting the mix right and being highly targeted.

So what is the magic mix? Well I'm going to give the game away at my next seminar on Email Marketing but here's a sneak preview of the elements that I've found have a massive impact on results:

Get good data – This really is rule number 1. You will want to collect and source data in the right way and if you're buying/renting data then use good suppliers, there are many out there. Quite simply, no other factor will increase results as much as good/relevant data.

Use a good email system – Forget about trying to manage your emails through standard applications like your Outlook account, you're wasting your time and money. A proper email marketing tool will give you amazing power and control over your campaigns and help you to build progressively. Try the PUSH Email Marketing System (see

Know how to play the game - Understand how email marketing works and what the 'rules' are. These are really quite simple (when you know them!) and will help you double, treble or more your campaign results.

Get strategic as well as tactical - Ensure that you build your email marketing into your overall sales and marketing plan. It will never work effectively for you if you just do it occasionally and with little thought or attention.

And lastly...

Always remember to use email to appropriately - It will help you to build your community and maintain contact with it. Stick to the guidelines and you'll ensure your emails are seen as positive communication, not intrusive and annoying.

Quite simply; I help business grow using well tried and tested methods of marketing and sales.  Good business isn't ‘rocket science' and yet so few people really understand how to get the basic mechanics right.  There is a simple formula that every business, no matter what size, type or location, can follow.  I'll share with you what I've spent over twenty years learning that makes successful businesses tick!

I guess I could ramble on about my talents and expertise but I'd rather let my clients (past and present) tell you what they think… that seems much more appropriate!

Effective Email Marketing with Integrated Technology & Measuring for Business Success


Many organizations are utilizing email marketing as part of their internet marketing strategy.  There are numerous email marketing services provided that support all types of businesses such as: Emma, ConstantContact, Aweber, etc.  In today’s environment, businesses are sending emails to promote products & services, cross-sell additional services, inform customers, and provide discount coupons.  The question is: Are businesses leveraging email marketing to support multi-tactical internet marketing campaigns?

In most cases, businesses are not leveraging email marketing to drive successful campaigns.  Marketers continue to see email marketing as a single tactic that has a limited impact on the goals of their campaigns.  The biggest example of this is the lack of integration between databases, website, and email marketing campaigns.   A local business owner has a limited amount of hours in a day and a limited amount of resources.  However, most of them do not streamline the lead acquisition process to work together.  If the systems were integrated, a similar scenario can be applied to large corporations that employ or utilize 3 different employees to do the job of a single email marketing professional. Simply put, the website form does populate to the database, and neither of these automatically feed to the email marketing system.  In general, this is a manual process that costs businesses time, resource, and money. 

How can effective Email Marketing Help Your Business and Drive Results?

How you ask?  Well, let’s start with efficiency.  The ability to integrate your website with your business’s database, website forms, and email marketing services tools may cost additional money upfront; however, in the long-run you will not need to use manual processes that require more resources.  At DaBrian Marketing Group, we provide businesses will the tools to connect website forms to an email marketing system and eliminate the database itself.  In our client’s case, the email marketing system or email marketing service is the database.  In addition, you can use event or email triggers to confirm opt-in email addresses after receiving a contact submission form.  In less than 30 seconds, you have populated your form into a specific list with the email marketing tool, confirmed an opt-in email, and responded to a prospect with relevant content.

 Email triggers can be a useful and impactful tool for customer acquisition & lead generation.  We live in a society of instant gratification so being able to deliver relevant information or set the expectation to receive a response to a question is critical.  This can help to separate your business from the competition.

The ability to reduce the resources used for an email marketing campaign will reduce the campaign cost.  If implemented effectively, email marketing can position your business to be on your customers’ minds and reduce your overall acquisition cost. The bottom-line is Return-on-Investment. 

 Testing to Drive Results & Revenue?

Once you have become proficient with your automated process, it is time to start testing your email campaigns.  There are a number of different tests you can do with a single email campaign.  These tests include A/B, A/B/C, and multivariate testing of headers, subject lines, layouts, landing pages or calls-to-action.  The more successful your business is at getting customers to open emails, the greater the probability that the customer will respond to your call-to-action. Usually, better open rates and click through rates translate to better ROI. 


The truth is that just about every business uses email marketing to communicate with customers.  Unfortunately, not every business takes the time to evaluate opportunities to integrate technologies, test, or measure their results.  These are simple fundamental businesses practices that should be gone.  The ability to establish internal processes and best practices are critical to every business’s success. 

 The fact that you have an email marketing tool does not mean that what you are communicating is relevant to customers, or even driving results.   It is our recommendation that businesses start to take a holistic approach to all internet marketing strategies & tactics.  Continue to push the envelope for maximum results that will lead to maximum returns.      



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