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Why A High Failure Rate In Home Based Business – Network Marketing?

The reason why most people have problems with their network marketing business is because they don't truly understand how the industry works. Often, this is because they were sold a pack of lies from some company that reeled them in on false hopes and promises. Some simply join because they were sold on the idea that they could quit their job and work from home if they just buy a distributorship and call some leads.

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Entrepreneurship ? the Failure Myth

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful, than a life spent doing nothing.
George Bernard Shaw

According to Global Entrepreneurial Monitor (GEM) fear of failure is the top reason given in Ireland and worldwide by aspiring entrepreneurs for not starting their own businesses.

NESTA – the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts and the UK’s largest early stage investor in innovative and creative businesses – found that almost three quarters of people who said they had what they believed was a good business idea were not acting on it because they were afraid of not succeeding.

Ironically on further examination it is obvious that all would-be entrepreneurs are being paralysed by something that doesn’t exist.
That’s right. Failure is a myth!

You have already shown that in your own life, you certainly don’t need a motivational speaker to prove this!

Entrepreneurial Development – Failure Brings you Closer to Success!

Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb famously said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

It took James Dyson, the engineer who reinvented the vacuum cleaner, four and a half years and 5,127 prototypes to refine his design.

“Each failure taught me so much,” he said. “Success teaches you nothing. Failures teach you everything. Making mistakes is the most important thing you can do.”

In an interview with Time Magazine, Larry Page, inventor of Google, said, “Invariably we try ten things that don’t quite work out in order to do one thing that is successful. And we learn a lot in doing the ten things that didn’t quite work.”

Thus every failure brings you a step closer to success and moves you further down the path of entrepreneurship.

Ironically by embracing this truism you mastered your first two major challenges in life – walking and talking.

Remember: As a child, ‘Never say die’, ‘Have no fear’, ‘Try and try again’, ‘Enjoy the moment’, were your working metaphors.

You fixed your eye on the goal, took your first step – wobbled a bit – steadied yourself. Then another step. Then landed on your backside!

What happens then? Did you give up? Did you say to yourself ‘I tried my best and I can’t do it. It hurts. I’m never doing that again!’? Did your ego kick in and start whispering ‘you’re making a fool of yourself. They’re all laughing at you! Better quit while you are ahead.’?

No indeed, as each one of us is born with an innate desire to reach our full potential, you got up and tried again ultimately succeeding.

Model off past childlike strategies in the future and master the art of entrepreneurship!

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Credit Crunch Affecting Small Business Lending Leads Small Business Failure

According to statistics, more than half of America is employed by small business owners and these owners rely on credit. Not just credit to expand business or purchase a new cash register, but credit in order to make payroll. Now that tough financial times are here, banks are not as giving as they once were. Banks are changing their standards on <a rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link']);" href=>small business lending</a> , making it hard and at times impossible for small businesses to get financing.

A Majority of Banks Are Changing Their Small Business Lending Standards

Most small businesses agree that even in the last 6 months they have felt the affects of the credit crisis. The problem is the domino affect of this crisis: since banks don't have money to lend, small businesses cannot borrow money to expand, pay bills or payroll- which then affects employees of small businesses.

Franchises of larger businesses are also feeling the pinch.

Rescuing Starts at the Top No Immediate Assistance for Small Businesses

Since the government is concerned with helping the big players first, small businesses can't get the immediate help they need. The government can't realistically help out every small business in the ways they are assisting big businesses right away. Time is money of course and small businesses lose more than larger businesses every day that they can't get financial assistance.

Without Small Business Lending , Small Businesses Make Sacrifices

Because there isn't the normal financial cushion helping businesses have a little wiggle room, all expenses must be taken into consideration. This may include cutting big expenses in a small company. This sadly, may include:

EmployeesHealth Insurance Moving Full Time Employees To Part Time Positions Cutting bonuses or severance pay

If you are like many, who wanted to start their own business and haven't yet, it may be wise to hold out. Taken into the consideration that 98% of all brand new start up businesses fail, you may just want to hold onto that money a bit longer, until things sort them selves out. Otherwise, if you are ready to take the plunge and nothing is going to hold you back, take your friend's advice, listen to other small business owners and seek out investors that you trust. Looking for small investors over banks me be intimidating, but the investor may see the potential that other banks who are skittish already may not.

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What Makes Failure Or Success In Online Marketing?

The answer is you. Your mindset controls your Destiny. If you believe and visualize your success you will achieve it. This is true for online marketing, as well as other areas of you life, such as dieting or sticking with a New Years resolution. This is what gives us the the four D's [Determination, Dedication, Desire and Discipline] to get us to our goals.

There Are two words to take out of your vocabulary if you really want to be a successful in online marketing.

The first word is overwhelmed. Instead learn to take things at your own pace and understand that we will learn from our mistakes. Every day take a nibble or a full bite of
information and process it, then acts upon it. You will learn better by applying the marketing activities than just reading about them. If need be, do the activity over and over again until you understand what it's all about, then do just that, It's okay to learn from repetition and soon it will not give you that "I'll never get it" feeling. Then go ahead and try something else and follow the same procedure.

The second word is frustrated. If you let frustrations gets in your path to success you will be defeated. By allowing frustration into your life instead of figuring out a solution you will become a quitter at whatever you attempt,

This is the best information to receive as we embark on a new year, and you should read this type of information daily or listen to motivational and self improvement recordings so you can stay focused on your goals and strive forward in your
online business and personal life.

Most of all understand that all work is work. Do you want to continue working to make some else rich at your job or would you rather work to learn how to create your own successful online business. It will not happen overnight, but will happen if use the 4 D's and eliminate 2 words from your thought process.

Remember it's your call.

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