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Fear Of Small Business Video Marketing

In the electronic media age we find ourselves in today small businesses can no longer survive without participating in internet marketing. As a small business owner you know that hiding in your store front and buying yellow page ads, radio spots, or newspaper ads just won't get the customers like it use to at a reasonable cost. You must play a bigger game using the tools that generate large amounts of traffic for the lowest cost. Your best results will require losing your fear of small business video marketing.

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The antidote against fear: entrepreneurship

Starting anything new entails risks and demands dedication. Whether you decide to take up playing piano, learning French, or building model aeroplanes, it is going to cost you money, time, and a fair amount of frustration due to inevitable beginner's mistakes.

Irrespective of the technical difficulties of your chosen endeavour, nothing can be compared to the level of commitment required to get a new business off the ground. The sheer number of different tasks that entrepreneurs must perform, from product development to marketing, is overwhelming.

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Fear, Desire, and Self-Motivation

When it comes to motivating yourself one thing that is apparent no matter what your goals are is that anyone who has ever been given the title of "high achiever" is also a very self motivated person. You never hear about olympic athletes being forced to practice or multi-millionaires who just don't feel like doing their work. When it comes down to it they have mastered the art of self motivation and it's payed off in a big way. So what do these people know that you don't?

What high achievers have managed to do is shift their motivation from fear (what most people use), to desire. Although this seems very simple very few people ever make that shift and it costs them big time.

Fear and desire are the only two motivators in life. If you dig deep enough you'll realize that everything, from motivational speeches to commercials and even movies all work on one of those two levels. Motivational speeches or pep talks make you desire something better for or from yourself. Commercials either make you do something by fearing an outcome (if you don't wear your seatbelt you're more likely to die in a car crash) or by desiring it (if you wear this deodorant women will be all over you). And movies, especially horror movies, give you an adrenaline rush by showing you things you fear might happen.

The trick to being successful and self motivated is to move from fearing what you don't want, to desiring what you do want. Most people think that there isn't a difference, they'll say "what does it matter if I don't want to be fat or I want to be skinny, isn't it the same thing" and the answer is no it's not. Your brain works with images. If I tell you not to think of a corvette you have to first think of one to not think of it. In the previous example if you're thinking about not being fat what are you seeing in your minds eye? You have to see yourself as fat before you can think of not being that way. On the flip side if you are thinking of being skinny you'll see yourself as skinny, begin believing it in your mind, and begin acting from that belief.

Below are some action points you can start applying to see a difference right away, but as with any self-improvement it takes some work. Trust me when I say it will be very worth it though, because in a short time you'll see yourself becoming a more positive and happy person. You'll stop being afraid of what you don't want and start looking forward to the things you keep thinking and fantasizing about. From that point on as long as you remember to be consistent regarding these action points you'll become one of those self motivated people. And remember, it's not that people are self motivated because they are successful, they are successful because they are self motivated!

A few action points:

-Think about and visualize what you want as if it's already happen every day, this will spark your desire and make sure that your fire and passion for your dream never goes out.

-Start to pay attention to your thoughts and turn each fearful "what if" into a positive to keep you out of the fear motivation that will move you right towards what you fear. i.e. if you're driving down a dark side road at night instead of thinking "man what if my tire blew out right now" kill that thought and replace it with "what if when I get home my wife is waiting for me with a big smile on her face and I get to have an awesome dinner with the whole family!?". One is obviously the better thought.

-Begin taking responsibility for your day and life as a whole, remember that you created your current situation just like you're going to create your dream life. Write down a To Do of Critical Tasks list the night before and take responsibility for getting those done starting with the task that will further your most important goal.

-Sometimes fear is inevitable, right before a big change it's normal to feel a little bit of fear, the key is to acknowledge that fear as normal and good, and then push through that boundary. Feeling fear or discomfort (those butterflies in your stomach we all love so much) is a very good thing in cases like this because it's letting you know you're on the edge of a breakthrough, it's your old belief system's last ditch effort to keep you from moving forward.

-Last but not least, enjoy it! You'll realize that thinking about what you want, basically fantasizing about your dream life, is a lot more fun that dreading something that hasn't happen yet. So enjoy constantly thinking about what you want knowing with absolute certainty that everything you dwell on you bring about.

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