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Learn How a Disc Jockey Made a Fortune Through His Secrets of Self Motivation and Success

“When I get that job I really want then I’ll start really applying myself.”

“When I achieve this or that I’ll be happy.”

“When I’m at this weight I’ll feel good about myself.”

“When I’m in that perfect relationship I’ll be filled with love.”

Sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve heard or said something like one of these statements.

I feel like we’ve all been brainwashed into waiting for something to happen before we allow ourselves to feel great about ourselves.

But the universe doesn’t work this way. Whenever we put ourselves in a holding pattern of waiting – the universe waits with us! Excellence, integrity, success, joy, love, confidence – all start in this moment of NOW. It starts with us cultivating and participating in the quality NOW from the inside. And low and behold, the universe then steps forward to meet us bringing forth more of what we are already experiencing.

There is a great motivational speaker named Les Brown who shares his story of how he got his first job working at a radio station. He wanted to be a disc jockey but he didn’t start there. It was pure enthusiasm that got him in the door where he started as a “go-fer”. He showed up for work every day with passion – going above and beyond what was expected of him. He even washed the car of the owner of the station without been asked. He participated in his job from an attitude and ‘being-ness’ of excellence. And while he was showing up in this manner, he was secretly practicing his own disc jockey skills every day. In fact, he was practicing to be the best disc jockey that ever was! He was practicing ‘excellence’ even before he had any experience!

One day, by “accident” the opportunity presented itself for him to go on the air. To the utter amazement of his boss, the minute he spoke into that mic, he seemed like a seasoned pro. It was all there - the confidence, the skill, and the enthusiasm. It was like he had been doing it all his life.

Les Brown explains that he was already living from this space of excellence and success – before he actually became a successful disc jockey – not after! And this is how Les Brown lives his life. He is always participating in this internal fountain of possibility and his life fully demonstrates this way of thinking.

Here’s what I’ve learned from Les Brown. We can become who we aspire to be before an opportunity presents itself. Don’t wait! An opportunity in life does not determine who we are. It is who we are when we meet opportunity that makes all the difference. Learn more about this here .

Let’s stop waiting…. And start ‘being’ who we choose to be. The universe will do the rest

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