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A judge granted the request of the Mexican consortium Vitro

A judge granted the request of the Mexican consortium Vitro, the largest glass producer in the country to start a bankruptcy process to negotiate debt restructuring with foreign creditors for a thousand 500 million dollars, the company reported today .

"The Fourth District Court in civil matters and work in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, consented to the application of insolvency prior to the restructuring plan submitted by Vitro," the company said in a statement sent to the Mexican Stock Exchange. At the end of the third quarter of this year, Vitro had gross borrowings per thousand 706 million dollars, of which 90% is denominated in dollars, yet 86% are contracted at fixed rates. According to various media, now seeks to restructure debt Vitro by a thousand $ 515 million to foreign creditors and a thousand other $ 900 million and its subsidiaries.

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Planely, Site for Travellers

Social networking has become part of everyday life most of World's population. Site Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and the others are already so familiar in the ears of active Internet. Social networking was not only a means of socializing in virtual but extended to other aspects, such as business, society, environment and so forth. The focus of each social networking service providers also varies. Among the wilderness of the social networking site, comes Planely. This site is based in Denmark. What is different from Planely when compared with sites of other social networking? Planely give air travelers who use the path an alternative way to travel.

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The Richest Man in Malaysia

Malaysia has a rich man by Forbes Magazine Malaysia 2010, Robert Kuok. The magazine noted, Robert wealth reached U.S. $ 14.5 billion this year. Malaysian tycoon was a business in various fields, ranging from enterprise rice, sugar, shipping services, real estate and media. In 2007, he also went into palm oil companies resulting from the merger of Indonesia and Singapore, Wilmar International which carried his nephew.

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Greece Approved The Simplification of Its Budget

Greek Parliament approved the simplification of its budget. This is a step to be taken in order to repair the country's economy because the economy crashing before. Approximately 3000 members of trade unions and communists held a separate demonstration to reject actions that loan rejection of more than 14 billion euros for next year. it was done to restore financial equilibrium Greece. 2011 Budget finally trimmed. Some of the sectors affected by pruning, among others, is bad health sector mismanagement Greece and budget for SOEs.

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