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What’s Behind Your Lack of Motivation?

Do you find yourself not fully engaging in life due to a lack of motivation? Do you sometimes feel you're a just spectator and wish you could participate in the world around you more fully?

It is quite common for people to have desires or aspirations that go unfulfilled due to little or no self motivation. As this cycle continues it often erodes your own self confidence leaving you with a low self esteem. This is a dangerous cycle and a bad place to be in. The longer this continues the more it ends up stunting your own personal growth and this downward spiral just seems to continue on.

What we're going to address here today is how to identify the underlying culprits behind this lack of self motivation keeping you from living your life more fully. You can't correct what you can't identify therefore the first step will be recognizing what it is that holds you back.

As we identify 3 common areas that inhibit many people from achieving goals or finding personal happiness you may be surprise how easy it is to overcome these barriers.

Fear of Failure

Make no mistake about it having a desire does not mean you also have the confidence to pursue it. Sadly it is all too common for many to desire something but then convince themselves they can't fulfill it BEFORE they even try to. One big reason this occurs is the natural inclination to have a fear of failure.

All our lives we've been taught and it is continually being reinforced that failing at anything is NOT GOOD. As a result of this learned behavior we naturally avoid any new challenges that may result in an outcome that is less then successful.

This fear of failure is wrong since one of the best ways to learn ANYTHING is thru trial and ERROR, that's right ERROR! Without experiencing mistakes and learning from them we limit not only our personal experiences but also our personal growth.

Fear of Commitment

Another common factor that holds people back from pursuing certain desires or goals is making the commitment to undertake this pursuit. This fear of commitment once broken down is quite easy to understand.

Any new endeavor we might consider pursuing is naturally something we're unfamiliar with since it is 'new' to us. Well if we're 'unfamiliar' with something that means we may not be 'comfortable' with it.

Being uncomfortable with something is usually not a desirable or fun experience therefore it is avoided.

If your anticipation of any endeavor is fun and excitement you're likely to pursue it enthusiastically. If you're unfamiliar and therefore uncomfortable your anticipation may be one of dread. As a result this may hold you back from engaging in it.

Familiarity is only gained thru 'experience' and often times the FIRST STEP towards partaking in that 'experience' is the hardest.

Lack the Proper Skill Sets

Although unfamiliarity is again a factor here, the reasons for it are more tangible then the 'inner fears' we have just discussed. The lack of certain skill sets can be more easily identified and addressed thru training or coaching. As a result these types of limitations can be more easily overcome but still remains a factor that could hold people back.

As we've discovered your lack of motivation often stems from little or no self confidence in your knowledge and/or experience. This can be overcome by learning a little bit more about what it is you want to pursue. Nobody starts out an expert, it is a learned experience! Quite naturally we fear what we don't know but once we gain familiarity with the unknown our fears subside and our confidence and comfort level grows. This allows us to more fully engage in the world around us breaking through the barriers that often hold us back.

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The Motivational You

Copyright (c) 2009 Willie Horton

How does one self-motivate? Are there two parts of us - one that is the motivator and the other which needs to be motivated? Why does research suggests that most so-called "normal" people do not achieve their goals, dreams and ambitions? Why do the majority of people continue to do work that they dislike? Why does the World Health Organization believe that stress will be such a big 21st. Century killer? If you're "normal" and you're worried and stressed, feeling unfulfilled at work, how can you actually motivate yourself? And what would you be motivating yourself for? Why bother?

Lots of questions - but they all boil down to the key issue of the extent to which we need to be motivated - and that most of us are not! Even many of my own clients, who should know better, who own their own businesses and whose future is so much more in their own hands than the normal employee, tell me that they're de-motivated, that they go into work knowing the key things that they have to do and yet they waste their time on doing things that they either shouldn't be doing, or things that are downright destructive (like worrying about where new business will come from, like getting involved in the downward spiral of gossip about the economic environment, like gossiping about their competitors) - things that lead them away from their hopes and dreams. As a result, they end up more de-motivated than ever.

But back to that one key issue - the need for self-motivation and, in particular, one of my very first questions above - who is doing the motivating and who needs to be motivated.

Everyone needs to get a kick out of life - if at all possible, every day. Years of psychological and market research that most people only rarely experience any high in their lives and that, generally, it is short lived. As a result, the majority of us, so-called normal people, trudge through our regular routines wishing for and hoping for our next high - whether that's looking forward to the weekend, the next night out or holiday. But in our ordinary everyday routine lives we are less than happy - less than fully motivated.

The truth is that there are two parts of us - our inner pure energy and our personality - and these two internal elements are locked in battle. As a result, we strive for, hope for, wish for a better life, more success and happiness, but we actually trip ourselves up in the pursuit of our hopes and dreams. It is our personality - the part of us with which we are all so familiar - that holds us back, that stops us being fully motivated, that disables our true inner abilities to achieve great things, to live our ordinary lives extraordinarily. As I said, we're all very familiar with our personality - our strengths, our faults and our failings.

However, when my clients explore their self-perceptions, many of them find that they can actually recollect the first time in their lives when they actually felt a particular - perhaps of inadequacy, self-doubt, anxiety, fear, even self-loathing. That is because our current self-perceptions that make up our personality are merely a compilation of the events that stand out in our subconscious mind from our formative years, our childhood. Many years work indicates that we perceive ourselves to be who we think we are based on a series of "snapshots" taken whilst we were young and impressionable. In addition, years of research indicates that normal people are pre-disposed to being negative - both about themselves and their chances of success.

Add all this together and you will realise that the perceived you - your personality - is a phantom-like creation of your subconscious mind. As it is created from events that most impressed you during your formative years, your personality simply could not be the real you. However, your personality feels very real - your self-doubts, your perceived inadequacies all manifest themselves in your daily life, in your behaviour and in what you get out of life. That is why you need to be motivated - and the bizarre thing is that the part of you that needs motivation (your personality) is the very same part of you that is preventing you being all that you can potentially be.

You need to stop pandering to your personality. Ignore it (it might eventually go away!). By-pass it by focussing your attention in the here and now. In doing so, your subconscious mind's obsession with your personality will begin to be broken. In focusing in the here and now, you will be less likely to waste your energy on the old, useless, self-defeating thoughts that regularly distract our minds from the task in hand, making the task in hand more difficult or frustrating. In paying attention to the present moment, in engrossing yourself in whatever you're doing, you will be better at it, more absorbed, more effective, efficient, more likely to get the key things done that will lead you towards living that ordinary everyday life - extra-ordinarily.

Recent research indicates that our ability to be happy and successful is correlated to our ability to pay attention to the here and now. It has nothing to do with self-motivation - because self-motivation involves pandering to a part of you that isn't really there, your personality. Get over yourself, get on with the present moment - your true ability to achieve your dreams and desires will then emerge - effortlessly.

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Microsoft Office Groove 2007

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Internet Business Advertising For Your Business fully Successful

Given the world-wide market reach of the Internet, you can increase the possibility of getting the attention and interest of potential customers for advertising your consumer products company and industrial equipment supplies business with article marketing. Why? Because article marketing is one of the most effective and cost efficient strategies for online internet business advertising your business.

Articles are a form of free advertising your business, advertising your consumer products company and industrial equipment supplies business that is long lasting and available . The goal is to attract the attention of readers. You gain readership by providing valuable content and addressing a problem or concern a potential reader may have. Building trust is an important aspect of article marketing because your articles establish your credibility and promote relationships with your potential customers.

Your article should provide valuable information and that information should be related to your consumer products company and industrial equipment supplies business sale business plan. Your articles should get straight to the sale business plan point and be as clear as possible. Your readers will come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

You can promote your sale business plan or service in your article, but only if your promotion is directly relevant to the content of the article. Otherwise, a better method of advertising your consumer products company and industrial equipment supplies business is the resource box, which is where you tell your readers about you and your sale business plan. You should include a link to your internet business advertising website. If readers like your article and the information you provide, they are more likely to click on your link and check out what you have to offer.

Submit your internet business advertising article to article directories, which are seen all over the world. There are many directories available, some free and some paid. Search for article directories on Google. Many directories are free, so if you're on a budget, free directories are a great option. But you can consider paid directories if you have the budget.

Publishers will also search directories for articles to include in their online newsletter. If publishers select your article, they are required to include your resource box, which increases your consumer products company and industrial equipment supplies business exposure to more potential customers.

You can also submit your article to ezines or e-zines, which are on-line "magazines." You can search for relevant ezines on Google or search in ezine directories. Try Directory of, Top (both paid sites) or Best, a free ezine directory.

Articles are a great method of advertising your business,consumer products company and industrial equipment supplies business . But keep in mind that you won't get instant results, unless you're lucky enough to strike a chord with readers. But as readers get to know you, your credibility will increase and you'll find more people coming to your internet business advertising website to learn more about you and your sale business plan.

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