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Greece Approved The Simplification of Its Budget

Greek Parliament approved the simplification of its budget. This is a step to be taken in order to repair the country's economy because the economy crashing before. Approximately 3000 members of trade unions and communists held a separate demonstration to reject actions that loan rejection of more than 14 billion euros for next year. it was done to restore financial equilibrium Greece. 2011 Budget finally trimmed. Some of the sectors affected by pruning, among others, is bad health sector mismanagement Greece and budget for SOEs.

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The Growth of Internet Advertising in Greece

And that is in no small part due to the spectacular Internet Advertising that is used by the country’s businesses and tourism services.

Advertising is what gets people to become aware about the product / service / brand. In today’s competitive environment, one cannot expect to become popular without using some form of advertising and the most effective in today’s times is internet advertising. Since the internet was invented about 20 years ago and became very popular about 10 years ago, there has been a paradigm shift in the way people think. The information age of today does literally what its name suggests. It puts information in the hands of the common man. Earlier, it was a long and tedious process to find out information about anything. And then also, you were not sure whether the information is accurate. Now, with advertising going online, every man / woman who has access to the internet can dig up info which they know is perfectly accurate. And not from just one source, we are talking here about multiple sources to choose from!

Internet Advertising Greece is so wide-spread that each keyword you look for on Google returns Thousands, if not millions of search results. Every form of internet advertising has been used effectively by the business houses in Greece. Endowed with awesome beauty in terms of nature as well as architecture, the biggest draw for people to search or Greece is its tourism potential. And the tourism related businesses such as hotels, airlines, travel agents, car rentals, restaurants, tour operators, guides, cruises, charters, curio stores, and anything else, have made sure that they use internet marketing to the best possible level. Any search you enter on the internet, you will come up with a lot of choices, enabling you to make an informed decision.

And not just tourism - Greece has a huge shipping business and is also one of the world's foremost countries in transporting oil and containers by sea. In this age of information, it is mandatory that the businesses be featured in a big way on the internet. Gone are the days when people used to look up the numbers in telephone directories and call the company asking for their service descriptions. Today, they expect to find the information in a few clicks and if the internet advertising campaign of a company does not meet that standard, they simply lose the deal. Any company that does not use internet marketing is not worthy of doing business with, in today's business sense. In Greece, they are serious about the internet. Most of the businesses, if not all, are prominently featured by means of their websites, blogs, advertisements and many more.

All of Greece in fact has caught on to the internet advertising bandwagon. And they complement each other so well that it is amazing! You go through an internet advertisement about a Greek hotel and on the page, you will find links to a car rental site or a holiday booking site of another company and vice versa. So, by the time someone books a hotel, he is offered a discount on a flight booking or is given a free pick up / drop from another company. That is how the internet should be used actually.

For an example, try Googling for a phrase such as 'Greece Holiday' or 'Internet advertising Greece' and you will come across thousands of search results. Pick any one and you will enter the wonderful maze of websites that will take you from service to service.

Dimitris Serifis is business development director and co-founder of the leading internet marketing company in Greece


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