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Home and Office Computer? The Biggest Misconception for Small Business

Many of us in small business have problems with how to use our computers well, and most of us would not even know who to talk to in the event of needing IT support. What does that mean anyway? How can I use this software? Which software will make my operations easier? After much consideration and experience working with small business I have come to understand, this problem starts from when small and personal computers were released. We were all told these computers were “for Home and Office use”. This has led to many people believing they could use the same computers and software to get their job done in the office, as they use for whatever reason at home. While actually the hardware can be used in both situations, this is a look at the different areas of general use, and shows how the idea of 'Home and Office' computing is very misleading and is the cause of many of our problems. Read the rest of this entry »

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