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Motivation is the Key to Having a Successful Home Business

It is easy to stay motivated when things are going well, but how do you keep motivated when the home business you had such high hopes for just isn't making the money you thought you would. Motivation is the key to having a successful home business because it will be the one thing that keeps you going when the chips are down.

One of the most important attributes a person who wants to become an entrepreneur must have is self-motivation. Everyone wishes they were self-motivated, but the truth is, not everyone is. It is not some terrible personality flaw if you are not, but don't fool yourself into thinking you can operate a home business if you don't have this vital character trait.

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Having A Sense Of Humor In Business Advertising

Many business owners think that they must be serious about their business. This is definitely true when it comes to running the actual business itself. But is not necessarily the case when it comes to advertising for your business.

Some of the best business ideas actually come from companies that choose to show a sense of humor when it comes to advertising slogans, commercials and promotional products. Keep in mind that advertising is meant to get attention and what better way to receive attention then with something outlandish or a little off beat.

Think of this, you are at a doctors office and they give you a promotional pen to fill out the paperwork with. It is a navy standard ball point blue pen, thin and about 5-6 inches long. They have their logo on it in white. Will you give this promotional pen a second glance? Will you read what is imprinted on it? Probably not.

Think about when you are someplace trying to purchase a drink. Maybe you are at an international fair and you don't recognize any of the brands. Would you be more inclined to reach for the more colorful of the cans? Or would you be grabbing the generic looking one. The same idea works with advertising. Your eye will be drawn to something that is more attractive or busy.

A business can be serious while its marketing can be lighthearted. For some places this may be strange, so trust yourself on that. There are very few people that want to get laughs out of the local funeral director. Unless you are like my mom and would rather have a party than a wake. So for ordinary every day items that you will be getting done for promotions and need for the office, use some bright colors. Give someone a giggle. They will appreciate it.

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Having Success With Email Marketing

Email marketing is a big way to draw traffic to your website, and increase your online sales. However not everyone has success running email campaigns. Using email to market your business online may sound like a great idea at the start, but if you do not know what you are doing you could be in for a long night.

Studies over the years have shown that your headline plays the biggest role in your email marketing campaigns success rate. Writing good headlines though is only the beginning.

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