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Motivation – the 3 Aspects of Human Behavior You Must Know to Succeed

Motivation can be defined in numerous ways, but there are two basic definitions or descriptions. It can be defined as the main reason or reasons that individuals partake in a certain behavior, specifically human behavior pursuant to the study of psychology or neuropsychology. It can also be defined as the driving force that initiates and drives an individual's behavior. It is the internal energy that propels us to achieve our goals. Typically, it is considered to be a dynamic state of mind not concerned with personality.

There are three aspects of human behavior that motivation is based and founded in:

1. arousal of behavior
2. direction of behavior
3. persistence of behavior

Arousal of behavior relates to a specific thing that activates behavior whereas direction of behavior relates to what is responsible for directing the behavior. Persistence of behavior relates to how the behavior is sustained.

What drives an individual to be successful is referred to as motive. Usually, all motives fall into one of three categories and are considered to be physiological or psychological in nature:

1. homeostatic motives - hunger, respiration, thirst, etc.

2. nonhomeostatic motives - curiosity about the environment, seeking shelter, etc.

3. learned or social motives - achievement, approval, power, social affiliation, etc

In any endeavor that an individual undertakes, motivation (or the lack thereof) is the key element behind the success or failure of the endeavor. It plays a key role in the workplace where the effective performance of an employee is concerned. Management or supervisory personnel have a direct impact and play a significant role in employee motivation in that they employ different motivational techniques to raise productivity levels. It also follows that this has a direct effect on the cooperation levels between the employer and the employee.

Motivation can also be classified as

1. negative or positive
2. obvious or subtle
3. intangible or tangible

Education or learning is also interrelated with motivation and instructors will oftentimes employ motivational techniques to get their students to learn. It can benefit the student by making them more competent as well as encouraging confidence and the ability to solve problems.

Self-motivation has also been classified into two different types:

1. Extrinsic - generated by external factors

2. Intrinsic - generated by internal sensations and is longer-lasting than extrinsic

Self-motivation is considered to be intrinsic in nature, and originates from an individual's internal drives. It is the basis for overcoming obstacles in the path of achieving one's goals. Additionally, certain external factors are responsible for driving a person into undertaking a new project or to move in a positive direction. Characteristically, self-motivation is comprised of three factors:

1. beliefs
2. desires
3. values

Since an individual cannot rely on others for motivation, self-motivation has to come from within. It plays a key role wherein the individual gathers the courage and strength to achieve certain goals, and is essential for developing new undertakings or making a positive change in one's lifestyle. Training programs have been proven to be the best way to educate oneself in order to improve motivation and self-motivation.

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Entrepreneurship and Human Resources

Entrepreneurship and Human Resources

Through many years of working with entrepreneurs, the thing most likely to bring success to a sudden stop is the lack of attention to the area of human resources. Despite the fact that people costs of the growing business are the biggest single expense, very little attention is paid to this area until the entrepreneurial train hits the buffers.

Whilst I can see why this happens, it is still an inexcusable error by the would-be entrepreneur. When the business first starts there are usually only a small number of people involved and they are usually highly committed to the new venture and interact on a daily, and often hourly, basis. However, as the business grows so does the number of people. Moreover, newer employees are more likely to join because they want the job rather than because they have the evangelistic zeal of the entrepreneur. Add to that the increasing difficulty of communicating with a larger group and human resources is now a time-bomb waiting to explode in the entrepreneur's face.

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Mitigating the Burden of Pre-Employment Drug Testing on Human Resources Personnel

With employment training costs on the rise, it is more important than ever for employers to carefully screen prospective employees to avoid wasting resources on candidates who will not ultimately succeed in passing a drug test. Employers also need fast turnaround and accurate reporting of drug testing results to avoid wasting time waiting for results and wasting money on errors. Employers need reliable, accurate information from quality vendors communicated quickly to keep the process moving.

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