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Derek Elliott ? How Entrepreneurship Improves Your Life

The benefits of entrepreneurship towards the economy and the entrepreneur himself or herself are tremendous. By Starting as small and working is always a good idea when it comes to entrepreneurship. Then entrepreneurship is the ticket towards the financial independence.

Entrepreneurship is one of those things that can provide greater results, greater benefits than you might have initially expected. You'll develop deep life experience and a level of humility as a result.

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Email Marketing Program Improves Teacher Communication

Email marketing software clearly is not the answer to solving the education short comings found in many counties around the world today. To think that would be ludicrous. However, if you ask any parent or student at any academic level who the single greatest influence is on their learning experience, they will say it's the teacher. If that's the case, then the more tools we can put at teachers' disposal to help them succeed, the more steps we take in the right direction. That is why many teachers have adopted email marketing programs (and more continue to try it out each day) in an effort to keep students interested in classroom material, among many other tactics.

Many teachers in the elementary and high school levels use email marketing programs to send out bulletins or newsletters related to classroom material. For example, a teacher was teaching a lesson about humpback whales and, the same day she taught the lesson, she sent out a newsletter with links to YouTube videos of humpback whales. Needless to say, today's student is far more stimulated by captivating videos than still photographs in an outdated textbook. This teacher was able to harness email marketing software to get her class excited about the topic in a medium they can relate to.

Teachers at the high school level have found it very effective to take advantage of email marketing software to send reminders for due dates and tests. Since many students have difficulties staying organized, getting an email reminder is incredibly helpful. Most students frequently check their email accounts daily, but with all the other distractions, they may forget about a certain essay. Teachers who use email marketing programs to remind their students typically see a higher classroom success rate, just by helping that tiny little bit. Obviously an email marketing campaign won't make every student hit the books immediately, but it does ensure that a project or test is at least on students' radar, in case it slipped their mind.

Teachers, Professors and Teaching assistants at the college and university levels have used email marketing programs to help spice up notification emails about upcoming seminars, or as an effective mode of sending out grade reports. The majority of post-secondary institutions offer students an email account, but that really only enables the professor to send out boring text-only emails. In an effort to spice it up and make things a bit more dynamic they can use email marketing to deploy an eye-catching email.

Some professors have also used email marketing programs to send out automatically generated, personalized grade report emails to each individual student, instead of a typical mass email. By inserting some dynamic variables with the click of a mouse, the professor can automatically sub in the student's name, grade and any additional comments. When this is received by the student, it sppears as a personal email, which without a doubt makes it look like the professor is going the extra mile! The beautiful thing is that all the professor did was load in a simple Excel file with student names and grades, and the emails will be populated and personalized automatically for each student.

This article highlights just a few examples of how email marketing programs can be used by educators to help improve the classroom experience. Since the majority of email marketing software solutions are easy to use, any teacher, professor, or classroom volunteer can easily begin the new initiative. The ultimate goal is to see students succeed and progress, and since email marketing helps give them a push in the right direction, everyone is the winner!

Robert Burko is President of, the trusted email marketing program used by teachers and professors around the world. The complete email marketing package is affordably priced and you can try it out for free.


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