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Ways You Can Secure Your Financial Future

With the global economy pretty shaky these days, everyone is looking for ways to try and secure their financial future. If you want your finances to be healthy and growing, the trick is to combine traditional wisdom with a bit of thinking outside the box to give yourself the best chance of surviving any market meltdowns. The following are just a few of the great ways you can ensure that your financial future looks promising.

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5 Ways To Save Yourself Money

With the state of the global economy forcing most people to have to tighten their belts a little, pretty much everyone is looking for ways to save a few dollars wherever they can. Saving money doesn’t have to mean going without, as there are lots of ways to be spending less and still enjoying your life to the full. The following are some great ways to make sure you are spending less and hence saving more.

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Insuring Against an Unthinkable Diagnosis

Trauma insurance can protect you in the case of an extreme accident or illness. Unlike life insurance, this type of coverage is about covering the medical expenses that come with being seriously or critically ill. Serious illness may be something most of us prefer not to think about but it may be worthwhile protecting you and your family.

While many of us think about getting home insurance or contents insurance it is easy to forget to insure yourself against the unthinkable.

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Comparing Income Protection Insurance and Workers Compensation

Just because your employer is protecting you with worker's compensation cover, does not mean that you should disregard income protection insurance. There are many people out there who believe their worker's compensation is more than enough. Income protection is something you must instigate yourself, and is beyond what you are covered for with worker's compensation. A look at the issue.
  • What is worker's compensation? Worker's compensation is compulsory coverage employers must provide for their employees in Australia. There is no consistency between the states. The amount of benefit and payout time will vary considerably depending on the state. All normally provide coverage for: income replacement, permanent impairment, death benefits and medical expenses. You may get one or more coverage for any single instance.
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