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Residual Income Created Through Online Marketing

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When reaching for customers, online marketing becomes the main target for your marketing efforts as it will attract the customers in your demographic which are the online users. With the continued growth of the computer age there is a whole new way of marketing a business. Especially for businesses who perform most of their transactions online.

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Reasons to Start Earning an Extra Income With a Home Business

Earning extra cash working at home has not hurt anyone up to now, and it should not be hurting you either when you take the correct steps. If you was running your own home biz and working at home to earn an extra income, would you be more inclined to put in the effort necessary to succeed? If you didn't have to travel to work, would you put that extra time into making your home business prosper? Would you go the extra mile for financial freedom, especially if you feel that it would improve the quality of life of you and your family?

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How This Online Marketing Income Stream is Responsible for Paying My Bills for Free

I know this article sounds too good to be true, and if your like me you have read a lot of crap over the years promising a pie in the sky dream.

Well, after a year and a half of failing miserably in my Pre-Paid Legal business (network marketing) and losing over $10,000 dollars I developed an attraction marketing and Internet marketing mindset. I then spent hundreds of dollars on Google adwords (Yes, I lost money there as well), E-bay marketing, Traffic exchanges, and Craigslist. I also spent loads of time writing articles, posting to forums, creating videos, networking with people on Myspace, facebook, squidoo, blogs, etc.

As a result of my marketing I earned more money in my first 6 months online than I could ever produce offline. (Yes, I finally made a profit - Yipee!!) The major problem for me in offline marketing was that my prospecting was very "untargeted" and I was seen as a common solicitor and not a professional.

I learned that I could harness the power of technology and create a brand. For me that brand being Carl Coffin, Inc. Did you know that companies pay millions for their brand name? Branding myself was the best thing I could have ever done to attract loads of prospects to me on autopilot.

One day, during one of my momentary lapses of focus I was browsing youtube "killing time" when I stumbled across a video by Jonathan Budd. I said to myself, who the heck is Jonathan Budd? I thought his videos were a little funny and intriuging. Jonathan Budd is an expert Internet marketer who is making multiple six figures online in various network marketing businesses. He's a coach and trainer and is responsible for creating the Online Mastermind System.

After watching a few of his videos his message started resonating with me and I was slowly but surely becoming attracted to him. (NO, NO, NO Ladies and Gentleman, that last sentence didn't sound right, I assure you I 'am married and 110% heterosexual) I was attracted to his "mindset" and his "marketing philosophy." Jonathan's marketing message worked on me... he branded himself in my eyes as a leader and an expert, I then wanted to learn more from him. I wanted him to empower me with his knowledge of Internet marketing. I pulled out my credit card and purchased his Mastering Myspace course, then his Online Mastermind course, and finally his Online Mastermind System. The information I learned from him was invaluable but that's how it is in life... We have to pick our mentors and learn as much as we can and then try to implement the knowledge in the real world. We test, test, and test some more until we succeed.

It's because of Jonathan's value and the respect that I have for his coaching that I decided to recommend his affiliate program to my prospects. His affiliate program (in my opinion) is the best program for online marketers out there in cyberspace. His program has everything you want. Every prospect that goes to your affiliate landing page and opt's in for more information about Jonathan Budd is trapped and attached to you until the end of time. (Having a prospect opt in at one of Jonathan's landing pages is really a no brainer because of how powerful he brands himself.) The front end of the marketing funnel offers a low priced product that pay's a seven dollar commission up front. Residual income is now created because the prospect is entered in a 14 day trial of his Mastermind system. After 14 days the prospect is billed the monthly fee and a $17.00 commission is automatically generated.

This has been extremely lucrative to me because the low priced product converts very high followed up with monthly memberships that are automatic. The prospect now turned customer is also placed in Jonathan Budd's list that consistently emails' valuable content and training. Every sale that is made from now until the end of time is attached to you and will pay you time and time again.

Well there you have it my friends, my online marketing income stream that is responsible for paying my bills. The best part is his program is free to use and has been a valuable asset in the current recession - or should I say depression. - The Mastermind circle that is responsible for me yelling back at my 'Debt Collectors' - Get The "_____" Out Of My Life. - The PowerProspector's Channel

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Internet Marketing is Good Way of Generating an Income

There are preferably plenty of modes on how you could be assured of earning money even if you simply stay at home. The people's general view of being assured that there would be a fixed income coming to their pockets in order to be able to provide for the welfare of the family.

However, there are really the times when you would run out of cash. There seems to be not enough money for you. Imagine the worst case. For more detail go to: about losing your job? How about having to give up your monthly wage to give way for the payable bills? How about cases of emergency knocking at your door? Would you not fret at all? Every human being obviously wants financial security and clearly enough, you are one of those who would trade anything in the world just to be able to provide enough food on the table and have other funds remaining for the rest of the needed expenses.

Ever heard of the booming internet marketing? Nearly all people have surely heard of this popular term in the business. Most internet marketers believe that this is the best way of reaping the large amounts of money in order to keep up with the changing times and the escalating prices of commodities. Yes, internet marketing is guaranteed by many as one good way of generating an income.

Even as you stay at home, you could still involve yourself to internet marketing and earn the profit that you truly deserve. Instead of idling at home, you could become productive by doing ways of earning. For more detail go to:, your spare time would no longer get wasted because there is going to be a fruitful avenue of your effort and that is with internet marketing. Sure enough, you would love the opportunity of being able to get money from a job that you could simply do while you are at home.

Affiliate marketing is one form of internet marketing with which you may engage yourself in. affiliate marketing is all about promoting the goods or services of a manufacturer or owner and when people get to purchase them, you would get your commission. The commission rate is indeed handsome. And that would be good news for you since it is the answer to your need. Hence, would you not want to do affiliate internet marketing?

The thing with affiliate internet marketing is that you are privileged to enjoy some residual income while you stay within the confines of your home. You would somehow become part of a sales team which would be presenting the ads and linking with other sites so that people or the website visitors would know of the existence of a certain product or service. Now if you are not working out for the sale and the rest of the members of the sales team are continuously doing their share, then you could still be granted the residual income while you are at home working.

Internet marketing indeed has plenty to offer. Yet you need not be so confident and then simply start becoming a couch potato because of this scheme. There are innumerable internet marketers who tend to fail in their attempt because they securely overlook the basics yet important principles about the business. Internet marketing is an essential endeavor so therefore you have to be serious in your venture. If before you only dreamed about being part of the online business, now you are genuinely going to be an affiliate internet marketer yourself! Hence, put together your effort and time so that you could better handle the tasks assigned to you as an affiliate internet marketer.

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