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Do You Know About Statistics on Internet Marketing?

Have you heard of Internet Marketing? It is the term used to denote advertising that is used to sell goods and services on the Internet. There are many different types of Internet Marketing. They are affiliate marketing, banner ads, blogging and blog marketing, email marketing, interactive advertising, pay per click advertising, and search engine marketing such as search engine optimization (SEO).

What started as traditional advertising on a web site to sell products has turned into a multi-billion dollar business. In fact, the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers said that at least $7.9 billion was spent in the United States during the first six months of 2006. By the end of the year, for more details visit to they had predicted that about $15 billion, if not more, would be spent.

What doe numbers like this mean? This proves the importance of the Internet for marketers and online advertising. Whereas advertisers used to focus on markets such as television, radio, and printed material such as newspapers or magazines, more and more are looking towards the Internet to help them improve profits. Search advertising, advertising that is done mainly by making sure your web page appears near the top of search engine rankings, for more details visit to remains the largest revenue generator for Internet advertising. This is done through the use of keywords and key phrases. When someone searches for a certain word or phrase, the sites that are ranked higher with the search engines appear first. If they have banner ads, blogs, or pay per click advertising, they will get more of the advertising dollars than sites that are lower ranked.

But, other forms such as video ads are starting to attract more attention and bring in more money for advertisers. Podcast advertising is another great way for companies to advertise their services and products through Internet marketing. In 2006 alone, $80 was spent on podcast advertising. That number is expected to be five times as much by 2011.

The United States is not the only country benefiting from Internet marketing. In the United Kingdom, over one billion pounds was spent on online advertising in 2005. Internet marketing has become so popular that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in England is also thinking of using Internet Marketing to supplement its income. The company has estimated that it may be able to make as much as 48 – 105 million pounds with advertising revenues generated by Internet marketing.

As we enter 2007, researchers believe that more and more businesses will use the Internet to advertise. Studies show that advertisers will spend approximately $8.3 billion on paid search ads alone. That is over a billion more than last year. With the Summer Olympics and United States Presidential election taking place in 2008, researchers believe that as much as $22 billion could be spent on Internet marketing.

Is all this online advertising actually making a difference? Studies point to yes. In 2007, it is expected that online spending will reach a new high of $20 billion dollars.

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One of the Best Home Based Business Internet Marketing Tips

Working from home as an internet marketer has its ups and downs. Throughout the years, I have achieved much success online but not without learning a lot of home based business internet marketing tips along the way. The precious gems you acquire are worth more than their weight in gold. Here is a prime tip to help you stay motivated and continue to achieve a life of success on the internet.

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The Most Popular Myth About Internet Marketing

Back in the 1980s in the health industry, the belief was that eating a high carbohydrates, low protein, and low fat diet was the healthiest way to go. Most carbohydrates were considered good. And ALL fats are bad.

Unfortunately when the carbohydrate rage was going on, we see an increase in obese people and diabetes. Not too healthy is it? Now, a balanced diet and eating healthy fish fats is accepted as the healthiest way to go. The carbohydrate myth is now debunked. (That is the fact as I see it, anyway)

The same thing goes on with internet marketing and today Im going to help you debunk 3 common myths about internet marketing:

Myth #1
Internet Marketing takes no effort to build!
This is probably the most popular myth about internet marketing. Although internet marketing is in fact the lazy persons way to wealth (legally and morally), the truth is that you still have to put out work in the front end before any real money is made in the backend.

Once you put enough work in the front end to develop a solid internet marketing foundation, you can then relax on the beach while the residual comes pouring in all without lifting a finger!

Myth #2
All you need is a great website with all the best graphics and animations!
You cant just put up a website, tell your brother and sister about it, sit at home and watch TV all day and expect to have the cash magically appear in your bank account. For more information logon to will still have to distribute, develop and market your product or service to people before anything significant will happen.

Many people spend tens of thousands of dollars having their websites developed without even thinking about the market they are selling their product and service to. They have all the flashy and colorful images and cute animations to impress visitors. Unfortunately, without a market, the only person that will look at their website and be impressed with it is themselves.

Its like setting up your own professional practice or retail store and only telling your friends and family. No advertising and no marketing. Unless you have a HUGE family and have thousands of friends to support you, youll be out of business in within months!

Myth #3
The BIG money in Internet Marketing is all hype and bullshi*!
People who believe in this garbage probably believe that the only way to make money is to go to school and earn wages at their cubicle. Although these people are half right, they get what they believe, all of the hype and bullshi*, and none of the BIG money.

When an internet marketing guru promises that his program will make you a millionaire in a month, he is a fraud and thats why internet marketing is sometimes viewed by some people as scams.

But dont take financial lessons from wage earners, its like taking hockey lessons from Michael Jordan; you are learning from people who dont know what theyre doing on those subjects. In our case, broke wage earners giving us their opinions about internet marketing!

If I told you how much a successful internet marketer makes, you wouldnt believe me. Do your investigation and interview some top internet marketers. For more details visit towww. out his lifestyle and if its a lot better than yours, youd better listen up

In conclusion, remember that an internet marketing business (like any business) requires effort and a marketing strategy in order for you to make the big bucks. Throw out all the myths that are now debunked and embrace the realities of internet marketing.

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Role of Paradigm Shift in Internet Marketing

Ever since the development of the internet, Internet marketing has continuously grown and it is today one of the most profitable businesses. It has many shapes and sizes, from people who make small revenue to real giants who make millions and billions of dollars. If you want to get your hands on a piece of the big pie, you have to know that competition is fierce, but with a little bit of luck and a lot of commitment, it can be done.

First of all, what is internet marketing? Moreover, what is marketing itself? Many people when they hear the term “marketing” they think of MLM, and many companies think that marketing means training a few persons and throwing them into the street to sell their products. These are common mistakes, for more details visit to and marketing is much more than that. For more help go to .In the decades before the internet, there was a product-oriented marketing strategy. Nowadays, the smart business persons have realized that an effective marketing strategy is a client-oriented one. Managing to satisfy your customers, that’s the key to success. If you do that, the word about your products’ high quality will spread around an entire network of potential customers, because of people’s talkative nature.

Virtually anything and everything is being marketed nowadays on the internet, and will be to an ever more extent in the future. If you hear people who say that making money online is not possible, ignore them, for more details visit to because the internet is the way of the future. Millions of people go shopping on the internet, and this market is continuously growing.

I believe that the key of successful online money making is specialization. Given the great number of marketers available out there, the way to go is originality. I mean, let’s say you want to open a bookstore. Now, if done in an offline conventional way, unless you have a very fat budget, you’re lucky if you manage to penetrate your city’s market.

Now, if you were to make an online bookstore, the possibilities are infinite. You have every internet surfer as a potential buyer and it’s your choice how you attract them. Still, if you are from England and the books are delivered from there, maybe a person from Japan feels more comfortable to go a few streets away than to buy from you. That’s where specialization comes in.

Let’s say you like playing the guitar. If you open a bookstore with guitar books, a Japanese person would really consider buying from you and going through all the payment and delivery procedures. Sure, your targeted market narrows a lot, because not every person wants to learn how to play guitar, but it’s still a very, very large one. Moreover, the guitar playing internet surfers will be delighted about having a site with guitar books.

In your internet marketing strategies, you can also sell other merchants’ products. If we were to go back to that guitar example, you could make a very cool website about guitars. Then, after you manage to get a big number of visitors to your website, you can make affiliate associations with partners who sell guitar-related products. In other words, if your visitors click on your website’s links to your partners and buy something from them, you get a commission.

There are actually countless internet marketing strategies and you can design some yourself. The truth is that making money online is possible. However, the most important aspect that I’d like to underline is what I told you earlier: THE CUSTOMER.

The customer is the one that is going to bring you money and he’s the one that’s going to recommend you to others. You should always communicate with your clients and try to look at them as different individuals. If you manage to do that, your success is guaranteed. How can you make them happy? It’s not easy, and it really puts your marketing abilities to the test. Try to answer each and every e-mail, try to identify with everyone’s needs. If you can’t do that on your own, hire someone to do it. I mean, if you have that many customers, you can afford hiring another person, right? And although this is a quite difficult task, it will bring you the desired results. With a client-oriented approach, your internet marketing will be a success!

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