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Best Online Marketing Courses In Canada

The success of Internet business lies in the effectiveness of online marketing. Several business professionals and general people are taking up to the Internet business programs in Canada. Therefore, the increasing popularity and demand of such businesses have introduced several online marketing courses in Canada. These courses are based on newest techniques and best of strategies that can help the clients attain success in their online businesses.

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Is This the Home Internet Business Oppotunity You Want?

Copyright (c) 2008 Kha Ton

One challenge that new Internet marketers face is finding the best Internet business opportunity. Because there are so many different ways you can make money online, it can be confusing and overwhelming. In this article we will present an Internet opportunity that might be what you are looking for.

The primary way to make money on the Internet today is to sell something. I would like to submit that a tremendous Internet business opportunity can come from selling information products. There are several advantages to selling information products on the Internet today.

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Starting steps for your business internet money online opportunity to make money online

What steps must you take to start your business internet money online opportunity to make money online for a purpose filled life? I could think of hundreds but will discuss 5 very basic and initial steps you must take in order to begin. If you are new to this process you need to begin somewhere. If you have been around for several months, then pass these basic steps on to a friend who wants to learn.

Here are 5 steps you must do to get started.

(1) Take a computer course.

Even before you own a computer, you really need to understand what it is. A computer course will explain the terms operating system (OS) and how to navigate the internet, often referred to as the world wide web (www). Computers have been around a long time but the past 40 years they have evolved from mainframes through minis to micros and even cell phones are computers to access the internet. It is worth your time to take a basic course on computers and you will learn a lot about what they do and how they work.

(2) Buy a computer.

If you don’t have a computer, then you need to pick up a book and read about them to learn what they do and how they do it and what you need to buy one that works for you. A book on computers is a good start. Once you have read this book you will then know what a mouse is, a keyboard, random access memory (RAM), hard disk space and many more acronyms or terms that are part of the computer language. Before you buy a computer, go to the library or a friend who has one and learn all about that computer. When you are ready to buy a computer don’t spend a lot of money.

(3) Get an Internet Service Provider or ISP.

Once you’ve taken a course and have a computer, you need to get an internet service provider or ISP. The ISP will be your link from your computer, through your telephone line or cable box or device to connect it to the internet. Remember that your telephone line is much slower and also less expensive than using your cable service provider or even a DSL (digital subscriber line) provider. Both these are more expensive but will provide the state-of-the-art speeds.

(4) Learn about the internet and specifically affiliate marketing.

Learning about the internet is such a generic statement that I added specifically affiliate marketing. Learning about the internet is about like saying, learn about the encyclopedia Britannica. There are so many areas of knowledge on the internet; you need to focus on affiliate marketing. Do a Google search on affiliate marketing and start from there. You will get a lot of information and still have to choose what area of affiliate marketing. I recommend article marketing as a start.

(5) Work on your computer daily.

This is the most important of the 5 steps. If you aren’t ready to buy a computer, go to the public library and use theirs for free. The key is to do it every day so you aren’t intimidated by the movement of the mouse or typing on the keyboard. Once you get into a comfort zone you will find yourself falling in love with it and your ability to use it will rapidly move forward.

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New six to seven-figure opportunity: yet another Internet Hype?


If you are anything like me, the words "make money from home", "home based business", and "internet business" cause immediate scepticism and eye rolls. We are always being bombarded by businesses, systems, techniques and all forms of propaganda about making money on-line. We hear far more often of the systems that fail than the one that succeed.

We are financially and mentally hurt by the ones that do NOT work. Now, do we know of any business that succeeds on-line at all? I was not sure. So I started to investigate some offers on the internet.


The amount of offered opportunities is tremendous, as I soon found out. I immediately was thinking: "OMG, this will take the average opportunity seeker for ages, to go through these amounts of information". I mean, if you consider to start an on-line business, than you at least need to inform yourself about what it is and what it can mean for you. And you need to compare it to other offers, is it not? The first one you consider is not necessarily the best one (for you). Seeing how many offers there are (just google the words "home based business"and you see what I mean: around 500 MILLION PAGES are reported to cover that subject). I would say basically it is undo able to really investigate offers, since it will take a life time to only try to find the right one this way.

Back to the Basics

And I apologize because this is what I should have done in the first place. I said to myself: "IF I want an on-line business, WHAT KIND of business should it be? Aha, better start, I think. So now I am on the path to find out what kind of on-line businesses would be available and interesting for me. Googling On-line Business Opportunities does not help much (more than 1 BILLION pages). Now what? Give up? Nope, I really want to become independent, work from home and don't have a boss. Motivation. Start to think for yourself and make a list of possibilities:

1. Selling my own products
2. Selling someone else's products
3. Offering services
4. Don't know yet but probably a lot more

Oke, now I focus on these first three first. I don't have my own product, so no that skips. Number 2 maybe? Well, perhaps, worth looking into, at least. And finally, Offering Services. This is also a maybe for me. I know now how difficult it is to find good on-line business opportunities, but I am learning and why not help people in a later stage with my knowledge (for a price, of course)?

Opportunities (next stage)

Right, I decide to go first for number 2. I am not a salesmen, as a matter of fact I hate the idea to have to phone someone I don't know trying to sell something. So I have my doubts but yet again, at least it is worth exploring. And exploring I did. Jeez, it takes enormous amounts of time to do this. After a month's work in my spare time, I finally had the basics discovered to decide IF: a. there is something interesting for me at all in on-line business and b. what path should I follow? To make it short, and this in no way is meant to discourage you, just to get you SCEPTICAL: the first thing I found out that 95% of the on-line opportunity seekers DON'T succeed. Actually they only lose money, after signing up for whatever possibility. That is to say at least not very encouraging. But I am an optimist, so I said to myself: what the heck, this also means that 5% DO succeed! Compare it to the famous story: Is the glass half empty (pessimist), or is it half full (optimist). OK, Now what? Well, as I discovered, it can be certainly worthwhile selling other peoples products, by promoting their products and earning a commission. They call it Affiliate Marketing (google it: 57 MILLION pages). Yes, I decide to explore that further (57 million is much less than 1 billion :-)).

Affiliate Marketing (or: Selling someone else's products)

"As I discovered the secrets shared, and learned how the business works, I was stunned. It made sense. It was true. It worked, and will work.". That is what I dreamt about night after night after night. That is what I was thinking about day after day after day. Yet again I faced an unbelievable amount of information, opportunities and opinions to investigate. But it turned out finally, after spending 18 months of research, that Niche Affiliate Marketing ((Niche means: focussing on a smaller part of the general market, for instance: General is: Golf (google: 500 million + pages), Niche could be: Golf Balls (google: almost 15 million pages, but a better Niche would be: Personalized Golf Balls (500.000 pages)) is probably the best business to get into as an on-line entrepreneur. You can promote products (and when there is a sale: get a commission) from almost every on-line company in the world, this includes giants like Amazon and many others. I thought: if these companies offer to join their "affiliate marketing" program, then it had to be worthwhile, would it not? Yes, MAYBE, but how to do it so, that I actually earn money. And after that we need to: How to stay alive without a normal job. And then the next and final step: Earn enough money to become FINANCIALLY INDEPENDANT (the ultimate goal, don't you agree?). I am facing now yet another learning curve, since offers to promote from others (affiliate marketing) google 58 million results. Now one thing I have learned being an off-line entrepreneur for almost 25 years is that I DON'T want to reinvent the wheel, I rather choose to learn from those who already have proven success, and want to teach us starters how they did it. (On-line they are generally called: GURU'S :-).


Wikipedia on Guru (just kidding, this is my own definition): "The people who are (or feel they should be) considered as real and proven successful experts in the field of knowledge they want to teach to others." OK, finding a Guru is the way to find someone who can teach me to become really successful in my on-line business. I felt more and more to choose Niche Affiliate Marketing as my future on-line business, so I started to search for "Guru's" in this field of expertise.

Disappointment to say the least. This is my personal opinion, guys, so don't hang me if you disagree, but fact is: I found that the 'gurus' were selling re-hashed ideas that never gave me enough information to start making real money. At least, yet again, 95% of them :-). There are some really good, impressive, outstanding coaches (Guru's) that can teach you all there is to know about Niche Affiliate Marketing. And yes, I found some, and yes, I am starting to get successful in Niche Affiliate Marketing. So I know now:

Niche Affiliate Marketing

WORKS. BUT....... There are many things to learn (the best is to find a good coaching program, IMO), this is certainly NOT a Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme, like any off-line business you need to learn and work hard to earn.


So to recap my initial question: Do any on-line businesses succeed at all? Definitely: YES, ....... BUT........ I think if YOU want to succeed on the internet, you should choose to do so in Niche Affiliate Marketing. That is my honest opinion. But it finally is your choice of course. Be always very sceptic on all offers you want to look at, and do that BEFORE you pay, even if there is a money back guarantee (much income is earned from people who sign up for something, don't do anything with it and forgot about the possible reimbursement). Be aware of the fact, even if you are already an expert in your field, there is lots of things you need to learn to become successful on-line. Even IF you use a Guru. And I certainly recommend a Guru, but yet again, there are only a few people who are really successful on-line and even much and much less really good Guru's who can teach you to become successful. So beware who you choose as your mentor! Stay always SCEPTICAL!

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