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Iron Gym As Seen on TV product review

The Iron Gym product is a great inexpensive way for you to build muscle and workout, literally anywhere in your home. This is my personal review of this product. You've probably seen this on TV, it is now available to buy online. My review is below, however the product's official website is here: First off the pull up bar attaches under any door frame. I've tried it as well as my 220 lb friend and it held our weight fine, great for pull ups. You don't need any extra screws, fasteners, or any bolts which is really nice, so you can literally use this thing anywhere you want. The bar has really nice grip handles so even if your hands get sweaty, they won't slip off. What is neat about the bar, is that you don't have to use it just for pull ups, you can set it on the floor and do sit ups, dips, and pushups as well. All great workout routines to build more muscle. I enjoy exercising with this everyday and what I also like about it, is that it is extremely portable! If I am going over a friend's house, I can just throw it in my car and take it to his house and work out anywhere there. Read the rest of this entry »

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